The One Major Thing Downtown Kingston Needs Now

Somewhere to put all the cars of workers, customers, investors and everyone who goes to do their lawful business there. It is one of the main things businesses downtown have struggled with for years.

GraceKennedy Group chief executive officer, Don Wehby, recently reemphasized the need for the urban developers to take this issue seriously, especially as the government sets its hopes on unrestricted resurgence of business life downtown.

“The urban developers need to ensure that there is enough parking for the people who come downtown to conduct business“, the Group CEO said.

GK is located down downtown, has been there since forever and so we can be sure that Wehby knows exactly what he is talking about. If you have ever had to do business downtown, you will know too, the pains of parking and the unending burden you bear in worrying about the safety of your vehicle.

We hope the government moves swiftly.

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