If LIME cancels the Teacha’s Pet then…

Would that be saying that they weren’t prepared for this? Does that mean that they expected Kartel to be flawless throughout the shooting and airing of the show? What about his history: his past run-ins with the law?

On the other hand…

Jamaica Observer Editorial Cartoon - Oct 4,2011

If they maintain the show, even taking it off TV and showing it only on their ‘tambourine’ station, they will end up being associated with an alleged murderer. Definitely a rock and a hard place.

As somebody pointed out, Nike cancelled Kobe’s contracts when he was charged for rape and Accenture and the others started dropping Tiger woods as soon as his debacle unfolded.

Whatever the outcome, I’m very sure its bad for the brand to read the news about Kartel to reach to the end of every story to see:

Meanwhile, officials from telecommunications provider LIME were last night discussing the situation and a statement was expected to be released today.

LIME is the corporate sponsor of the locally produced reality TV show Teacha’s Pet, which has Palmer as the main character.



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