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Lumber Depot Reveals Big Plans For 2021

Big News For LUMBER Shareholders ??? In their just released report for the year, management says An additional off-site warehousing facility downtown was developed over the last financial year?️ They are now in a position, to capitalize on larger volumes … Continue reading

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Jamaica Producers Acquires 50% Stake In Juice Company In Spain

Jamaica Producers at it Again?? JP is now the largest shareholder in Co-Beverage Ltd (CBL), a producer of fresh juice??, based in Barcelona, Spain JP has just announced its acquisition of a 50% interest in Co-Beverage Limited (CBL), effective September … Continue reading

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GraceKennedy To Acquire Scotia Insurance Eastern Caribbean Ltd (SIECL)

GraceKennedy’s recent acquisition is one of several prospects their new M&A unit has in their sights! There working on about 10 deals at different stages some in ?? & ?? They’re acquiring 100% of the shares of Scotia Insurance Eastern … Continue reading

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Market Update: Berger Takeover Complete – Trinidad’s Ansa McAL Now Controls Barbados, Trinidad & Jamaica

The takeover of Berger Paints across the Caribbean by Trinidad’s ANSA McAL Limited is now complete. Continue Reading

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Sandals Resorts Looking To Build 3 to 4 Hotels A Year. Biggest Expansion In Its History

Sandals CEO Adam Stewart told Bloomberg News that the hotel chain is on an expansion drive and is currently seeking help from international banks to finance this growth. Continue Reading

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Kier To Exit Caribbean Business. Cites ‘Portfolio Simplification’

Construction firm Kier will take a £73m hit in its full-year results after taking the decision to close its Hong Kong and Caribbean businesses, it revealed late June 2017.

The firm is set to close its Caribbean business following the agreement of a final account with an unnamed client on what Kier called “a challenging project”, which is expected to complete “within the next three months”.

In total, the closure of the Caribbean business will have cost Kier £79m, including £23m last year and £56m this year.

Kier said that the moves to close the businesses fit into a wider programme of “portfolio simplification” that it has undertaken since the middle of 2015. This has resulted in it concentrating more on its regional building, infrastructure and housing projects.

Source: Telegraph

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AT&T To Buy Time Warner (Incl. WB, TNT, HBO, CNN) For US$80 Billion

As internet customers vie for cheaper online alternatives, internet service providers are courting media companies to own some of the content delivered on their network…in a bid to remain competitive. A merger would come at a pivotal time in the … Continue reading

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Market Update: Jamaica Producers and Pan Jam Announce Sale of Mavis Bank Coffee Factory Ltd

Jamaica Producers Group Limited (JP) has announced that it has entered into an agreement to transfer its shares in Mavis Bank Coffee Factory Limited (Mavis Bank) to Specialty Coffee Investments Company Limited (SCI). SCI is acquiring the shares in Mavis Bank from both JP Tropical Group Limited, a subsidiary of JP, and Scotts Preserves Limited, a subsidiary of Pan Jamaican Investment Trust Limited, who each own fifty percent of the company.

At the same time, Pan Jamaican Investment Trust Limited (PJAM) has announced that its subsidiary Scotts Preserves Limited (Scotts) has entered into an agreement to transfer its shares in Mavis Bank Coffee Factory Limited (Mavis Bank) to Specialty Coffee Investments Company Limited (SCI). SCI is acquiring the shares in Mavis Bank from both Scotts and Jamaica Producers Group Limited, who each own fifty percent of the company.

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Market Update: ‘Great Opportunity’ – Guardian’s CEO On The Alignment Of Trinidad’s Guardian & Jamaica’s Largest Bank

In commenting on the alignment of two of the largest financial institutions in the Caribbean, both CEOs were equally optimistic. Ravi Tewari CEO of Guardian stated that the move is a very positive development and holds a great opportunity for shareholders, clients and employees; while NCB’s CEO Patrick Hylton reiterated that the merger was in line with their stated intentions to grow through mergers and acquisitions. Continue Reading

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Dolphin Cove, Jamaica’s First Tourism Junior Market Listing, Merges With Mexican Company

On Wednesday November 18, 2015, when over J$3 billion was exchanged for 229.7m Dolphin Cove shares, it became very obvious that a major move had been made for the Jamaican-born tourism company. The only person capable of making such a … Continue reading

Dolphin Cove - An amazing attraction

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Market Update: Liberty Global To Buy Cable And Wireless Communications For US$5.3b

Liberty Global To Buy Cable And Wireless Communications For US$5.3b (or about 78.04 pence per CWC share).

Cable & Wireless, which has more than six million subscribers, offers pay-television, Internet, landline phone and wireless service—the so-called “quad play”—in the Caribbean, Panama, Monaco and the Seychelles, according to its website. (WSJ)

The deal represents a multiple of 10.7 times Cable & Wireless Communications’ adjusted annual earnings before interest, depreciation, taxes and amortization, after taking into consideration cost synergies, according to a statement. (Bloomberg) Continue Reading

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Market Update: GraceKennedy (GK) Proceeding With Hardware & Lumber (HL) Sale To Greystone Equity Partners Inc.

GraceKennedy Limited (GK) advised on October 16, 2015 that after its initial announcement in May of this year regarding the planned divestment of its shares in subsidiary, Hardware & Lumber, and follow up announcement in June, that it had entered into a conditional agreement for the sale of the shares with Greystone Equity Partners Inc., or nominee, GK has advised that the main conditions of the transaction have now been met and the transaction will therefore be proceeding to closing. The sale is anticipated to be completed by the end of the year.

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Market Update: Supreme Ventures Rolling Out US$1m Sports Betting Platform

Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) announced on October 16, 2015, its planned roll-out of a new technology platform, IFLEX, for its sports betting operations. The significant investment is being implemented in conjunction with SVL’s technology partner for sports betting – INTRALOT. Implementation date is slated for October 20, 2015.

This will include a huge jump in betting options and leagues, combined with live betting throughout events. SVL further advised that the IFLEX betting platform project is worth over US$1,000,000 and will see investment in a state-of-the art, innovative, robust and high performance betting solution that meets the growing demands of the international gaming industry.

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Market Update: Heineken Takes Over, Makes Board Changes At Desnoes & Geddes Ltd. CEO, CFO Not On New Board

Desnoes & Geddes Limited (DG) has advised that at a meeting of the Board of Directors of DG held on October 12, 2015 the following directors were unanimously appointed to the board with effect from October 12, 2015

  • Messrs. Eugene Ubalijoro, Radovan Sikorsky, Andrea Vogliazzo, Stefano Cavenati, Juan Luis Barrios, Wilbert Raaijmakers and Hemmo Parson.

Immediately after the appointment of the Heineken nominated directors the following directors tendered their resignation with immediate effect

  • Messrs. Jed Dryer, Renato Gonzales, Noel daCosta, Cedric Blair, Jaime Grana, Bruce Kidner and Ms. Cristina Diezhandino.

Cedric Blair who is also the CEO will remain in that capacity until further advised. Mr. Bruce Kidner is the Chief Financial Officer, and he will remain in that capacity until further advised.

Based on this JSE release it is obvious that the CEO and CFO have now been removed from the board.

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Market Update: Desnoes & Geddes Limited Board To Meet, Directors Resign On Monday. AGM Rescheduled.

The Board of Directors of Desnoes & Geddes Limited will meet on Monday October 12, 2015 when the Diageo appointed directors will tender their resignations and new directors nominated by Heineken will be appointed and subsequently proposed for re-election at the Annual General Meeting, which was originally scheduled for November 3, 2015 and will now be re-scheduled for a date to be determined by the directors at the meeting scheduled of Monday October 12, 2015.

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Heineken To Takeover, Delist Desnoes & Geddes Ltd. Bye Bye Red Stripe.

Desnoes & Geddes Limited, makers of Jamaica’s famous Red Stripe Beer is being taken over by Heineken International as they now have a controlling stake in the company. Diageo (headquartered in London) which had a controlling stake in the company … Continue reading

Red Stripe Beer

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Digicel Throws The First Punch Against Google, Yahoo & Facebook by Blocking ALL Online Ads

by hunterseakerhk

If everything goes as planned, Digicel will soon be blocking all ads by big online advertising networks such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo, across all its markets in the Caribbean.

Digicel argues are that

  • the advertisements are a strain on their network,
  • ads slow down the experience for people on their network and as such they want to provide the best experience by reducing the need for a lot of these ads to load, and
  • they would also be helping their customers as these ads use as much as 10% of a customer’s data plan. Wow. Continue Reading
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Sagicor X Fund Raising J$4.2b (US$35m) To Acquire Convention Hotel In Florida

Sagicor Real Estate X Fund Limited is pleased to announce that it proposes to undertake a rights issue of up to 598,134,700 new ordinary shares on the basis of two (2) new ordinary shares for every five (5) ordinary stock … Continue reading

Sagicor Financial Corporation

Mergers and Acquisitions, Stocks / I.P.O.s

Market Update: JMMB Acquires Dominican Republic Bank

JMMB has advised that through its Dominican Republic subsidiary, JMMB Holding Company Limited, has obtained regulatory approval for the acquisition of ninety percent (90%) of the shares of Banco Ahorro y Credito Rio (Banco Rio).

Banco Rio is a savings and loans bank, in accordance with the Financial and Monetary Law of the Dominican Republic (Ley No. 183-02: Ley Monetaria y Financiera de la Republica Dominicana). They are licenced to provide consumer loans; loans to small and medium enterprises (SMEs); commercial loans; credit lines; credit cards, cambio services; savings accounts and certificates of deposit.

“This acquisition serves as another key step in JMMB’s strategy of building out an integrated financial services business model in the Dominican Republic (DR) market.  In particular, for all current and prospective JMMB and Banco Rio clients in the DR, this acquisition will pave the way for them to access an even more diversified bundle of financial solutions (through banking and investments), that will serve to achieve their financial goals and objectives at every stage of their life,” states JMMB in its report.

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Heavy Weight Group Bids For Kingston Airport – Grupo Puntacana, Jamaica Producers & GB Group

Air Jamaica - Soaring to new heights

Jamaica’s Norman Manley International Airport, based in Kingston is being divested by the government. The airport is currently going through a bidding process and a heavy-weight group of investors are one of the forerunners to run the airport. Continue Reading

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