Heavy Weight Group Bids For Kingston Airport – Grupo Puntacana, Jamaica Producers & GB Group

Jamaica’s Norman Manley International Airport, based in Kingston is being divested by the government. The airport is currently going through a bidding process and a heavy-weight group of investors are one of the forerunners to run the airport.

A consortium of Grupo Puntacana, Jamaica Producers Group and the GB Group have been selected as one of the prequalified firms to pass on to the second stage in the privatization process of Jamaica’s Norman Manley International Airport.

Currently the NMIA is owned by the Airports Authority of Jamaica (AAJ) and is operated by the NMIA Airports Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the AAJ. The Government initiated the qualification process for the airport privatization in March 2015.

The participation of Grupo Puntacana in this consortium makes the proposal even stronger being the biggest airport operator in the Caribbean with approximately 100 flights a day.

“Grupo Puntacana has over 45 years of experience in the tourism industry, transforming the Punta Cana region into the vibrant tourism destination it is today. Paired with over 30 years in airport building and operations management, our company has proved to be successful, cost effective, and committed to sustainable development. We are excited to share our expertise with Jamaica, and we look forward to exploring the many possibilities for collaboration and economic growth between the two countries,” said Frank Rainieri, President & CEO of Grupo Puntacana.

More to come.

Source: Freightweek.org


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