Digicel Throws The First Punch Against Google, Yahoo & Facebook by Blocking ALL Online Ads

If everything goes as planned, Digicel will soon be blocking all ads by big online advertising networks such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo, across all its markets in the Caribbean.

Digicel argues are that

  • the advertisements are a strain on their network,
  • ads slow down the experience for people on their network and as such they want to provide the best experience by reducing the need for a lot of these ads to load, and
  • they would also be helping their customers as these ads use as much as 10% of a customer’s data plan. Wow.

And get this, Digicel is therefore demanding that Google and other online advertisers first sign a code of conduct, then enter a revenue-sharing deal or have their ads blocked!

by hunterseakerhk

by hunterseakerhk

Digicel is testing this first in Jamaica and they are using software from an Isreali company to block all ads on the mobile web and in apps.

Two questions immediately come to mind

  • How will other local sites (not the big media houses), that earn revenue from ads through these advertising networks be impacted?
  • Doesn’t this appear to be more about revenue than the company’s infrastructure or the user, based on how easily Digicel is willing to solve this… pay us a portion?

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