How to save $5 at Island Grill – Tip/Joke

Q: If you go to the famous Jamaican restaurant, Island Grill, and want to purchase one festival, it will cost you $50. However if you purchase two it will cost $90. If you only want one festival, how can you get it for less than $50?

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4 Responses to How to save $5 at Island Grill – Tip/Joke

  1. Avatar Dnsthompson says:

    Find someone who also wants 1 festival and purchase two for $90, then share :-)))

  2. Same thing I was thinking @ Dnsthompson….hang around for someone else who wants one.  I was honestly looking for a tip though. Lol.

    • Stephen Alec Stephen Alec says:

      Well you guys are right! I went there this week and the idea came to me while in the line. It’s really to find somebody else who wants 1 and team up and buy two for $90 and split the cost. Of course, will we really go that far to save $5? Maybe not. If we are very serious about maximizing our money, then probably we should 🙂