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5 MORE Resolutions You Should Be Making for 2013. Act Now!

Lets build a strategy for success

Lets build a strategy for success | Photo by Hikingartist

January’s basically done, and once you miss the January effect, you tend to fall back into the same old, same old routine. Then February will come and catch you and before you know it, Easter, summer, and then Christmas. According to an article I saw on The Week about 45% of Americans make at least 1 resolution each year, but 2 weeks later only 71% maintained those resolutions, 6 months later more than half have given up, and eventually 88% of persons fail. Continue Reading

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Stock Market Investing 101

We will be embarking on a series of posts related to personal finance, managing ones money, investing, investing options, risk, and many other related topics. However while searching around I came across this interesting little video which I figured would provide a little background about investing in stocks. Continue Reading

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Jamaica Jazz and Blues 2012: Not for the ‘Bruck’ Pocket. How You Can Watch For Cheap or FREE!

Government Official, Investors, and Musicians at the New York Launch of the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival 2012

To put it simply. If you have to ask what’s the price, the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival is not for you.

My friends and I were joking about it this week, the fact that the TV ads didn’t show the price. They simply advertised the artistes, venue and other important information. However if you’re still interested in finding the FULL cost of this event, keep reading. Continue Reading

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10 Stocks You Should Watch for 2012

Grace Kennedy

One thing MoneyMax101 is passionate about, is investing. We want you to make the most of your money. We will highlight ways for you to do that, and suggest things that you should avoid that will detract from that.

This Sunday, January 22, 2012 The Jamaica Observer published a list of 10 stocks to watch for 2012. Their list was compiled based on information from Publisher of Investor’s Choice magazine and financial analyst, John Jackson and Kimberly Thelwell, Stock and Securities Limited’s research manager. Continue Reading

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Business-Minded? Don’t Let This Opportunity Miss You!

Richard Branson Entrepreneurship Centre Launch - Your Money eZine

I find this interesting. On the Branson’s Centre of Entrepreneurship home page, they have two locations, Caribbean and Africa. That’s it. I might be paranoid, but there must be something special about the Caribbean!

What is the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship you ask? And is it related to Richard Branson. The same guy with the Bolt ad? Yes, if you’ve seen it, it’s the same guy, and yes its the Sir. Richard Branson of Virgin Fame. Continue Reading

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Claro Customers Switching to Digicel Will Pay 2x Previous? Disgruntled Customer Explains.

If your interested in maximizing your money, then you should be concerned about the outcome of the possible merger in the telecoms sector. The outcome will impact call rates and the resulting cost of doing business or cost of survival. Continue Reading

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Top 4 Caribbean Countries to Visit and Invest in 2012 – Panama, Cuba, St. Vincent, and Dominican Republic

Nocturna de Panamá City

I believe the Caribbean is replete with hidden treasures, not to mention those within each country. It is always a spectacular and glorious experience to be immersed in the wonders of the islands. I’m sure you feel the same. It’s even better to see the investing opportunities sitting right there, things that others see. Continue Reading

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Don’t think we missed the Ginger Brouhaha. 4 REAL opportunities for Jamaican Entrepreneurs


I picked up on the ginger fracas last week after noticing multiple stories on the topic in the Gleaner. While reading, I realized that the articles spoke to Jamaican Ginger, missed export opportunities, and immediately it caught my attention, being someone interested in Maximizing their money.

Farming presents some real opportunities for Jamaica as we are able to grow some of the world’s BEST products and based on my reading, Jamaican Ginger is one of them. There are extensive opportunities in selling the produce, the by-products or even related services, and preliminary research points to the fact that as the refining process improves, the dollars increase. Continue Reading

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