Never Mind The Election, Jamaica’s Newest Insurance Company Launches IPO

It may be their confidence in the economy, the wonderful performance of the stock market, the already secured commitments from customers to invest, or the pressure to meet the deadline to get the tax-free exemption – or a combination of all of them – but consider it a rather bold and unusual move for IronRock Insurance company, an unknown startup company to issue their prospectus 2 days before a general election.

This post provides a summary of their prospectus as they attempt to raise funds and list on the Junior market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange. Continue Reading

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5 Reasons You Will Love The New MoneyMax101.com

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working non-stop to ensure that MoneyMax101.com is your #1 resource for all your Caribbean business intelligence needs – and we’ve made a lot of progress. Now it’s time to bring you up-to-date on some of the progress we’ve made and share some of the exciting features that we have in store for you. Continue Reading

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The Ultimate Guide To The Digicel New York Stock Exchange IPO. Plus An Infographic!

If Digicel successfully lists on the New York Stock Exchange later this year (2015) that would be a very big thing for Digicel (the company itself), its employees, its owners and leadership, and for the Caribbean on a whole. The company is no doubt operated at high international standards with a global outlook (no questions there). However Digicel does most of its business in the Caribbean, and investors will be asked to make a big bet on this region or as Fitch describes it ‘countries with low ratings’, including Jamaica, Haiti and Papa New Guinea (Digicel’s three largest markets). Continue Reading

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Send A Text And Find A Phone Number… In Seconds! Text ‘4-Yellow’ Makes It Amazingly Easy.

Text 4-Yellow Promotion By The Jamaica Yellow Pages

Recently, I wanted to find the phone number of a company to get some plumbing supplies. Since I was at work and I had a physical directory, I knew it would be best to find the number before I went on the road for lunch, because with my smartphone freezing (the way it has been for the last couple months), I knew trying to look it up online while I was on the road would have been a hassle. Continue Reading

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Be Inspired: How Kimberly Earns US$5,000 Per Year From Her Side Business

If anybody should know more about side businesses, hustling, and juggling multiple jobs, it would be Jamaicans and Caribbean people. We definitely know how to do that. Things have always been tough, rough, and unbearable; but as true soldiers, we always find a way to push on through. Continue Reading

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All You Need To Know About The Margaritaville IPO In Less Than 10 Minutes – CEO & CFO Speak To Ralston Hyman

Margaritaville Turks Ltd IPO

The first initial public offering of 2014 is here. Margaritaville Caribbean is taking its Grand Turk operations public aiming to raising US$2.1 million at a price of US$0.10 per share. Here’s what you need to know. Continue Reading

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When Companies Try To Trick You. How To Spot Those Extra ‘Special’ Offers

Why are customers so skeptical?

Special Offers – Why Are We So Skeptical?

Digicel called me twice this week to make me an extra special offer, about a postpaid plan created specially for me. 😮

Wow, I thought. How sweet. My mobile phone company is thinking about me – so much, that they spent their precious time to develop a phone plan just for me, then they had an agent call me (more than once, even after I refused), spend their time to convince me, and then on top of that have a courier company come to my house the very next day to deliver the contract for me to sign?! I concluded that I must be special. Continue Reading

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10 BIG Winners From Tessanne Being On NBC’s ‘The Voice’

Tessane & Adam - Let It Be

The voice is over, and the votes are in. Tessanne is the winner. Jamaica is in an ecstatic mood right now after hearing the results of what has been a life changing ride for Tessanne and #TeamJamaica that rallied behind her all the way.
So now that life is getting back to normal and everyone is looking to the future we thought we’d share the top 10 companies or persons who benefited big time from this. Continue Reading

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