I Bought The JMMB 7.25% Or 7.50% Preference Shares. Now What?

JMMB Preference Shares A Big Hit With Investors
The JMMB preference share public offerings seem to be a big hit with investors. At least 2 friends have questioned me about it, and I know that there are a lot more out there. The preference share offers have become a big win for investors and an almost guaranteed funding source for the company. With the continued growth, strong leadership, acquisitions and expansion of the JMMB Group, they have definitely made a name for themselves; and when you add their preference share promotional machinery to the mix then you realize how hard it is to ignore their offers. Continue Reading

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Now Here’s A Killer Resource for MoneyMaxers. RateBee!

One way to maximize your money is to definitely increase the interest rate you earn, and reduce the charges you pay. But finding the highest rate, or the lowest charges can definitely be a hassle. Shopping around for the best rates can really be tiring, and confusing, worse if you’re not sure what you’re looking for and where to go. Worry no more, let me introduce you to RateBee. Continue Reading

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Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Doing Its Part to Save The World (well…kinda)

When an established bank takes the time out to equip as many as 400 average citizens in the hair-raising and technical rigors of savings and investment, its fair to say they are doing good in the neighborhood.

Well, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) recently graduated the latest crop of an investments and savings course it offers in a partnership with the ABI Bank. Continue Reading