Now Here’s A Killer Resource for MoneyMaxers. RateBee!

One way to maximize your money is to definitely increase the interest rate you earn, and reduce the charges you pay. But finding the highest rate, or the lowest charges can definitely be a hassle. Shopping around for the best rates can really be tiring, and confusing, worse if you’re not sure what you’re looking for and where to go. Worry no more, let me introduce you to RateBee.

Featured in the Sunday Gleaner on January 6, 2013, they write;

RateBee is an interactive site which allows users to comparison shop for the best rates suited to their pockets.

“RateBee exists to help consumers to improve their financial intelligence in order to make better and more informed financial decisions. We want to help consumers to protect their interest and to use the knowledge they gain to build their wealth over the long term. We want to put the power of banking into the hands of the consumer and we want them to know they have it,” said Williams.

Williams, the chief strategic director for RateBee, says the most popular searches are for auto loans, mortgages and foreign exchange rates from users including Jamaicans in the diaspora.

Let this be a key resource for you in 2013. And of course, please share your feedback on this resource.

Update #1: The site was been down for quite a while on Jan 6 when checked at about 10:30pm. Any attempt to access the site gave the page cannot be found error, and this has been confirmed by users in 3 different locations, Jamaica, Florida and New York.

Update #2 : The site has been up since January 7.

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