Most Jamaican CEOs Bagging Between J$7.6 million to J$18.7 million – Gleaner

The Gleaner is reporting that a survey by 30 year vetaran Mark Rim Human Capital Consulting is estimating that the salaries for Jamaican CEOs range from about J$7.6 million to J$18.7 million, across all industries.

The results are similar to what PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) found in its 2008 survey, and at that time “the peak salary of J$19.29 million was commanded by a finance executive in sales and distribution”. Hmmm, now I wonder who has that job…

They report;

A relatively new compensation survey produced by Mark Rim Human Capital Consulting among employed Jamaicans indicates that salaries paid to top management range as high as J$19 million.

The survey also indicates that most new vacancies are filled from internal transfers and from scouring company websites.

According to the survey which is a review of compensation in the Jamaica for the second year running, CEO salaries across all industries now range on average from J$7.6 million to J$18.7 million.

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