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Airline Job Cuts + Smaller Planes = Lower Employment. 10 Straight Months Of Decline!

Airline employment has dropped from last summer because of job cuts at American Airlines and regional carriers that use smaller planes.

The US Department of Transportation yesterday (Tuesday, Aug 27, 2013) said that airlines employed the equivalent of 381,441 workers in June, down 2.4 per cent from the same month last year. It’s the 10th straight month of decline compared with a year earlier.

With a reduction in the jobs numbers for 10 straight months, that is not a good sign.

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Most Jamaican CEOs Bagging Between J$7.6 million to J$18.7 million – Gleaner

CEOs Keeping All the Cash?

The Gleaner is reporting that a survey by 30 year vetaran Mark Rim Human Capital Consulting is estimating that the salaries for Jamaican CEOs range from about J$7.6 million to J$18.7 million, across all industries.

The results are similar to what PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) found in its 2008 survey, and at that time “the peak salary of J$19.29 million was commanded by a finance executive in sales and distribution”. Hmmm, now I wonder who has that job…
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9 Days of TCL Strike & Counting! Cement Shortage Inescapable

Up to yesterday, Wednesday March 7, workers at the Trinidad Cement Ltd. (TCL) were still in dispute with their bosses over salary increases. The effect in Trinidad is already being felt and has left companies calling on the government for help.

If the situation continues, it may mean a serious cement shortage will occur. In fact, from as far back as last week “industry sources [were] saying that a cement scarcity could materialize in a matter of days as the company’s two local production plants lie idle.” Continue Reading

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