Send A Text And Find A Phone Number… In Seconds! Text ‘4-Yellow’ Makes It Amazingly Easy.

Recently, I wanted to find the phone number of a company to get some plumbing supplies. Since I was at work and I had a physical directory, I knew it would be best to find the number before I went … Continue reading

Text 4-Yellow Promotion By The Jamaica Yellow Pages

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Blast Week 1 Review. Launch, Execution & Customer Response

One of the best times to check how serious a company is, is at its launch. Imagine Digicel at its launch, think back to the launch of the iPhone, or even the launch of a local mom and pop store … Continue reading

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Are Fish Farms the Way Out for Caribbean Fishermen?


According to Milton Haughton, Executive director of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) “Aquaculture in the Caribbean region contributes to one to two per cent of the total fish production, whereas in Asia and some other countries it’s 50 per cent.”

Aquaculture refers largely to the business of fish farming and if what Haughton reports is true, it may be the best way to tackle the severe problem of declining fish populations affecting many Caribbean fishermen. Continue Reading

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Check Out the Spanking New Usain Bolt PUMA Sneakers

2012 is the year of the Olympics in London and needless to say, it is the year of Usain Bolt. What you may not realize however is that what is good for Usain is usually pretty great for his sponsors!

Setting up shop for the expected Bolt craze to come this summer, Puma has released another line of Bolt-branded sneakers. They have been receiving great reviews for their ease of wear, how “fresh” they look and oh yea, how “light” they are. Makes sense, they are called the Bolt Lite. Continue Reading

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3 Lessons From the Rise of Apple’s Shares to the Top of the US Stock Market

There are a lot of things we know and love about Apple. We know that they are the makers of our beloved iPads, iPods, iPhones, iMacs and eveything i like and want. However when it comes to their financial performance … Continue reading

Apple's 10 Year Stock Market Performance

Apple's 10 Year Stock Market Performance

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