Marketing Sponsorship Endorsements

Marketing Sponsorship Endorsements

Arsenal Kicks Nike To The Curb. Signs Lucrative Deal With Puma


Popular Caribbean sports brand Puma is continuing to boost its international reputation. They have just signed a lucrative marketing deal with Arsenal, one of the top sporting clubs in the world.

CNN reports that ‘Arsenal came eighth in the annual money table of the world’s richest clubs published last week by business firm Deloitte.’

This new deal with Puma will end the club’s association with Nike. Continue Reading

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E-zines, Online Magazines Or Whatever You Want To Call It. Trend, Or Will It Soon End?

A few days ago I noticed that Tastee, a leading Jamaican patty company (ok they do sell more than patties, but I’m sure you can identify), released the 2nd edition of their online e-zine / magazine. After checking it out (and it was nicely done I might add), I began to think about the present state and the future of online magazines. E-zines as they tend to call them, are magazines in an electronic format that can be read and interacted with online. Continue Reading

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Sliced Bread Marketing Strategy. Ads On Food Packaging, Hot Or Not?

Branded sliced hard dough bread with advertisments

I recently found it both interesting and innovative for the National, makers of hard dough sliced bread to up the ante once more with event advertisements on the packaging of the bread aka the bread bag. I think this is quite useful.

There are only a very few other products that are bought and sold as frequently as bread, so that’s a sure market for the advertisers. I first noticed the trend when they were doing promotions for the Crayons Count initiative, but I haven’t seen it since.

What do you think? I wonder if there are people out there who will get picky about ads on their food?

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Guardian Holdings One Of The Caribbean’s Largest Insurance Companies Rebrands

The New Guardian Group Logo

Trying to leverage the advantages of the Caribbean Community (Caricom), the Caribbean single market & Economy, and their advantage of being in 21 territories, Guardian Holdings Ltd is conducting an extensive rebranding exercise which will see the reemergence of a new Guardian Group. Continue Reading

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Left Handed Beer, Creative Much? What Do You Think? @HeinekenJamaica

What do you think about this? Quite creative wouldn’t you say? Or lame?

One think for sure, it had us wondering about it for a little while.

So the question is, is there a left-handed beer?

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One the Caribbean’s Biggest Rebranding Efforts! Shell Gas Stations to Rebrand as Rubis

For 90 years, Shell has remained the most ubiquitous name on service stations across Jamaica, but that era is coming to an end. In less than 13 months, the brand which now graces 52 stations will disappear from Jamaica.

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Marketing An Olympic Champion – Usain’s Personality, Marketability and Brand

Usain Bolt bearing the Jamaican flag at the London 2012 Olympics

The Usain marketability factor caters to Children, Generation Xers (Older Women), Lifestyle
With the hype of the London 2012 Olympics almost over, the world has witnessed incredible feats by one of the greatest sprinters of all time – Usain Bolt. Bolt is an amazing showman who has not only raised the profile of track and field but he has made significant progress in captivating the attention of billions. Continue Reading

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SPECIAL: U.S. Embassy Launches School Competition to Capture Jamaica’s 50 Years In Just One Photograph

Photo by SaZeOd

25 Schools Compete to Capture One Iconic Image Continue Reading

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