Usain Bolt Stars in Visa Ad. To Pursue Movie Career Afterwards?

Is Usain Bolt planning on pursuing an acting career after his magnificent era in track and field is over? Sounds plausible? Don’t see him as an actor? Who knows. We don’t know, but we do know two things;

  1. His possibilities are endless and
  2. We would love to see Bolt staring in his own shows, appearing along side big name actors,  even commanding top dollars.

The Jamaica Gleaner recently reported that Bolt starred in an European Olympic advertisement for VISA, and we are happy to see him take on roles like this.

It was this quote however that we found very telling which caused us to wonder;

Insiders say that more and more the sprinter, who turns 26 in August and is considered to be the biggest name in athletics, is being exposed to roles such as the one he plays in the advert as it opens up opportunities for him to pursue other interests once his stellar career is over.

Is it acting? What could the other interests include? We don’t know. However whatever the ‘other interests’ are we are very happy for Usain Bolt and his growing sprint career and expansive list of sponsorships and endorsements.

Usain’s Growing Brand

Usain Bolt, who from 2009 disclosed plans to become one of the richest men alive, is aligned with a number of sponsorship and endorsement deals. He is loved, highly rated and has a large following and has even been described as a the world’s most marketable athlete beating out Lebron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi.  His biggest and probably longest  sporting deal has been with PUMA. However other deals include

More About Bolt and the VISA Ad

The Jamaica Gleaner reports:

Usain Bolt, the defending 100-metre and 200-metre Olympic champion, is being featured in a Visa Europe advertisement in its Run to London campaign leading to the XXX Olympiad starting July 27. Visa is an Olympic sponsor.

Bolt reportedly shot the ad during one of his trips to Europe earlier this season. The entertaining advertisement shows Bolt and another man, who turns out to be a starter, racing from an airport in London to the Olympic stadium via several sites around the British capital using their contactless Visa credit cards.

During his run through the streets of London, Bolt strips down into his Jamaican kit, while the starter dresses up for his starter’s role at the Olympic Games.

Are there other Usain Bolt endorsement deals? What would you like to see him endorsing?

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