Columbus Communications Inc. Reveals Its New, Unified Logo for Retail Subsidiary, Flow

New Logo - Columbus Communications Inc / Flow

New Logo - Columbus Communications Inc / Flow

On Friday March 2, 2012 Columbus Communications Inc. Revealed Its New, Unified Logo for Retail Subsidiary, Flow. A part of the release reads

Columbus Communications Inc., the retail and wholesale telecommunications company in the Caribbean and Latin America, revealed today a new logo for its retail brand, Flow. The new logo will replace all existing Flow logos, currently deployed in its markets in Trinidad, Jamaica, Grenada and Curacao and will represent a unification of all operations under a single brand platform.

According to Brendan Paddick, ceo of Columbus Communications, in an address to all employees: “In six short years, we have not only managed to change the technology landscape of each country through our products and services, but we have also equipped people with the ability to transform their lives. This change is an acknowledgement that we are a larger, more relevant player now, and that we have a new chapter in our story to tell. Now is the time for consumers to know the true scope, scale and reach of our brand.”

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