Why Was Lime Caught Napping? Strategy or Unpreparedness?

LIME Jamaica has promised an “in due time” response to Digicel’s massive, game-changing 8.99 one rate calling plan. The real newsworthy issue however is how did LIME manage to find itself in such a horrible position, seemingly unprepared?

Digicel Shocks LIME Silent

Sound’s a bit unfair to LIME right? Did you see the streets of Kingston and St. Andrew last week Friday the 2nd of March when Digicel unleashed their campaign? It may be argued that with all the Digicel managed to put out on Friday, LIME should have heard before and prepared itself.In one day Digicel launched:

  • TV-Ads
  • Radio Ads
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Brand new billboards were in place
  •  Promo people without end, dressed in Digicel 8.99 shirts, in massive costumes, and handing out flyers.
  • There was the Digicel truck/concert in Mandela Square (HWT)
  • PLUS – an article on the front page of the Observer (Lead Story)

Lets not even mention the social media! Twitter, Facebook and even BBM broadcasts.

LIME Is Either Being Strategic, or is Really LAME

There are only two options, two excuses for LIME here. Only one of those options is good.

1. LIME is being Incredibly Strategic

“Haha. Man!” That is what we will be saying in a few days, weeks (I hope) when LIME goes BAM! and unleashes their well thought through and calculated response. Then we will see why they did not respond immediately. Clearly, they just did not want to do it in all the Digicel hype! They obviously wanted to let the hype cool right down, have Digicel think they won (again) and then ambush them! < – That is what we may be saying in a short while.


2. LIME is Just Super LAME

Why? Because you do not win a war, a major telecommunications war, by waiting on your competitor to tell you in the media “This is how we will kill you!”

Consider this:

  1. Promo people had to be trained,
  2. Billboards had to be designed, printed, and erected,
  3. Commercials had to be designed, recorded, and sent to media houses,
  4. Newspaper advertisements and press releases had to be sent to news papers,
  5. Costumes and TV shirts had to be designed and published
  6. The team had to be working on it for weeks!

Are you tell us that LIME does not have one spy, not one loving friend somewhere who could call and say “hey, these guys are headed your way – and they are bringing some big guns man.”

LIME should have known about the plan beforehand and prepared a response for the day. If LIME did not know about this one rate plan, then

  1. Digicel is definitely more top-secret that the CIA or
  2. LIME is the most friendless, punked and played company in the telecommunications field.

A network without a network (of supporters). Imagine that.

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