The Digicel (@Digicel_Jamaica) $8.99 Rate Campaign Shot…

The Digicel $8.99 Campaign to Any Network, Any Time and for Any Number is a BIG deal. It is also a BIG move for Digicel. We are impressed by the launch and the vibrancy seen so far. Nuff Ratings Digicel!!

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Digicel Jamaica 8.99 Rate Campaign

Digicel Jamaica 8.99 Rate Campaign

Coverage in the News So Far…

The Jamaica Observer Reports

TELECOMMUNICATIONS provider Digicel yesterday announced a flat $8.99-per-minute rate for prepaid customers, cutting cross-network prices by as much as 49 per cent, in what could be the start of a fresh battle in the cellular market.

But while benefiting from cheaper calls to Digicel users during the day, and subscribers to the LIME and Flow networks, Digicel prepaid customers will have to pay an additional 99 cents per minute for night-time and weekend calls to other on-network users.

The Jamaica Gleaner also reports

The rate slash occurs today, a day after cell customers lost the option of a third cell provider, Claro, following its acquisition and closure by Digicel.

Digicel prepaid customers must dial *155# then press ‘send’ to take advantage of the savings. Once activated, customers will pay the new rate to “any number, on any local network, at any time – with per-second billing”, according to the Digicel release.

Digicel denied government coercion as the reason for the rate cut.

“No. This rate is something that Digicel decided to do as we are constantly trying to be innovative and create value for our customers,” stated Mark Linehan, CEO of Digicel Jamaica, who avoided discussing the impact of the rate slash on its revenues.

“Digicel is a privately owned and operated company and, therefore, does not disclose our financials.”

What do you think about this campaign so far? Lets see if you’re thinking what we are thinking.

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