Good News! 5 Major Tourism and Energy Projects to Lift Jamaica

Just when we thought good news had sung her last song, closed up shop, packed her bags, and moved on out of town, we hear (with our smiles from ear to ear) we hear her voice on the radio.

Gimmie 5

Don’t believe me? Well, President of JAMPRO, Sancia Bennett Templer, has outlined 5 major projects to be undertaken in the very near future – the effect of which will be a major boost in Jamaica’s attractiveness as a place to do business. If that’s not good news – we don’t know her.

Here are the 5 projects:


1) A 1000 room increase at The Fiesta Hotel in Hanover in 2012.

2) The construction of a Marriott Hotel in Kingston (still in planning – but advanced planning!)

3) The Harmony Cove development in Trelawny is also high on the list, once plans for financing are finalized.


4) The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) will be constructing a new $600 million power facility. The plans for the facility have already been approved by the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR).

5) A $30 million development is to be undertaken at Maggoty in St. Elizabeth by (again) the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS).

We Will Keep You Posted

These are no doubt extremely exciting projects, especially the ones on power. Hopefully the talks are not too long delayed and the “near-future” is not too distant. MoneyMax101 will keep you updated.

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