Big Business Opportunity for Local IT Entrepreneurs

The government is sick and tired of paying big bills to Microsoft every year for software programs that government agencies must use and – guess what? One government’s moment of frustration , is an entrepreneurs moment of opportunity.

Just so you know this is serious. The call for local pioneering in the ICT sector came from the man who signs the cheques – Phillip Paulwell, Jamaica’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining The Minister who said that Jamaica enter the realm of software development, so that the “Government can now finally remove itself from paying out such hefty fees to Microsoft”.  Major ICT Opportunities Within the Next 3 Years

Paulwell made a further call for the the redevelopment of the local ICT sector, citing that Jamaica has “fallen somewhat in our ICT ranking” in the region.

“We have been performing too long at the lower end of that ICT spectrum – (in terms of ) data entry, telemarketing …but we now have to exploit the infrastructure we have, to create wealth, we have to innovate,” he stressed.

Paulwell however pledged that Jamaica will retain its dominant position within the Caribbean within the next 3 years. 

“Through our policy implementation we’re going to re-assert Jamaica…as the leading destination in the Caribbean where we are going to be utilising ICTs to become a more efficient government,” he said.

We look forward to seeing the unfolding of these opportunities. The Minister has promised, thus far, to tackle Jamaica’s energy bill, to regulate the telecommunications sector and now this major initiative. We hope all will get done in time.

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