LIME We FULLY Understand… The ‘Ah Yah So Nice’ Situation

Sometimes a LOT of us act as if we’re perfect. Come on! Raise your hand if you have NEVER made a mistake! Hold them up, I’m counting. Hands down. The grand total is… ZERO. That’s the number of us who are perfect.

We’ve all made mistakes. We know we have, and trust me, if you think back long and hard, you will realize that you have made a few too. The truth is, while we have high expectations of LIME (and hate to see them mess up), we understand. Com’on guys! Cut them some slack.

It’s Just a mistake

I looked for the definition of mistake LIME and trust me, this fits the bill. As a result LIME, we find you, NOT guilty. Here’s why, but first the definition. defines it as

mis·take [mi-steyk]  noun – an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc.

We find you not guilty because in your case (based on the definition) there were a number of factors that contributed to this situation. Plus your good behaviour and considering that you have no previous history of making marketing blunders (always doing well thought out, properly researched campaigns), you will get off this charge quite easily. You really did the best with the information you had.

It happens to the best of us. Mistakes, that is.

It happens to the best of us. Mistakes, that is.

We Find You NOT Guilty

In the case of Activist Groups / Corporate Jamaica / Marketing Aficionados and Concerned Citizens VS LIME, we find LIME… drum roll please… NOT guilty. Here’s why.

We FULLY understand why you would;

1. Base your campaign on the edited version of a song

After all, who knew there was an unedited version anyways??! You heard it on the radio (like the rest of us) liked it, fell for it and ran with it.

2. Use a song and NOT consider the full implications of its content

You are into selling phones, and services. If you take one line from a song, BIG DEAL?!! You are not fighting against gays, promoting violence, or even endorsing rape. Why don’t they attack Digicel, Jamaica Broilers and all those big shot companies ‘fighting’ for their light and leave you alone!

3. Jump at the latest, hottest, chart topping song

Tell em how it is LIME. In your marketing department you have a sign hung high which guides all your activities. You work with that principle, and follow it slavishly as it has worked for many companies before you and it comes highly recommended. In fact your consultants stand by it. Your secret formula is

Hit Song + Popular Artist + Controversy = Relevance = Good Marketing.

This worked very well for you when we signed Clifton Brown, sponsored the Vybz Kartel created Teacha’s Pet, or signed the tambourine king. ONCE all parts of the equation are there… you JUMP!

Once all the variables are there... JUMP

Once all the variables are there... JUMP

4. Launch a campaign targeting school kids WITHOUT ANY THOUGHT for the underlying message

Kids are kids. They love excitement and the latest craze. You are committed to giving it to them. You never said anything wrong to the kids. You DID NOT by our actions endorse this artiste, his content, or his behaviour. Plus why is everybody getting in a tizzy because kids are involved? Huh? Do they really know what the kids are doing and listening to out there anyways?!! Whose job is it to promote family friendly music? Certainly not yours, right? You have a war to fight!

Explicit content - Beware!

Explicit content - Beware! (by ansik)

5. Backtrack as the need arises

It was Confucius who said “Be not ashamed of mistakes and thus make them crimes.”


This is the #1 reason we FULLY understand what happened LIME. After all, who’s perfect? If you make mistakes, you fix them! Makes no sense making a mistake and leaving it hanging right?

LIME, Use this for REALLY Big Mistakes

LIME, Use this for REALLY Big Mistakes

LIME, in closing, I want to encourage you, to not become like some of these dumb, boring companies void of innovation stuck in their doldrums. Make your mistakes. We understand and support you. You learn and grow. Better to learn than not to try. So here’s what we say LIME;

Assert your right to make a few mistakes. If people can’t accept your imperfections, that’s their fault. Dr. David M. Burns

What do you think? Give 1 good reason why you support or do not support LIME’s actions.

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