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Sagicor’s Mult-Billion Dollar Energy Deal & The Energy Market In Jamaica

On Thursday (Jun 17, 2021) Sagicor announced a new multi-billion dollar deal, which saw them taking a major stake in an LNG company in Jamaica?  It’s the largest corporate financing deal in Jamaica’s history, so you know it’s huge Why … Continue reading

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Link: Twitter’s One Of A Kind Board – Former CEO Dick Costolo May Be Replaced

Twitter’s board makeup is a rarity in the corporate world. According to a recent study by Equilar, which tracks executive compensation, there are no companies in the S&P 500 index with three of their former CEOs on the board. Thirteen … Continue reading

3 Reasons Why A Liberalized Telecommunications Sector Was The Best Thing For Jamaica

Growing up in Jamaica, one can never forget the day in the late 1990s that the government decided to open our telecommunications industry to competition, ending years of monopoly service. To many, those were the days of neglect, limited innovation … Continue reading

Payphones were once a hit in Jamaica Chelsea Gomez

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Remembering Mother’s Day At Devon House: Why Some Businesses Are Slow To Or Never Respond

There are NOT many products, businesses, or places that people will line up for hoooours to buy or use. Not many in Jamaica and not many in the world. However there are some that are different. No matter which day … Continue reading

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Send A Text And Find A Phone Number… In Seconds! Text ‘4-Yellow’ Makes It Amazingly Easy.

Recently, I wanted to find the phone number of a company to get some plumbing supplies. Since I was at work and I had a physical directory, I knew it would be best to find the number before I went … Continue reading

Text 4-Yellow Promotion By The Jamaica Yellow Pages

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SSL In Trouble? The Silence Is Definitely Not Good!

So far, this seems to be the only information out there (press release below)… well online at least. But in the minds, hearts and private conversations of a whole lot of hopeful, doubtful, pessimistic and skeptical investors, a lot of … Continue reading

Stocks and Securities Promo Video

Stocks and Securities Promo Video

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Yes To Venture Capital, But Count The Costs

With the recent DBJ Venture capital conference, there has been renewed interest in the venture capital market in Jamaica, and a lot of effort is behind the establishment of same. In her weekly Sunday Gleaner column, Yaneek Page considers the Good, Bad And Ugly Sides of Venture Capital, a must read for those who want to quickly get up to speed with what’s at stake. Continue Reading

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Chocolate Dreams Launches Ambitious Kickstarter Campaign To Raise US$50,000 (J$5m) Online!

Already 10 days into their 30 day campaign, Chocolate Dreams has managed to raise US$645 of their ambitious US$50,000 goal – that’s a little over 1%. We don’t think it’s impossible though, and so we’re very hopeful for the success … Continue reading

Chocolate Dreams Kickstarter Campaign

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Big Venture Capital Conference Today! What Do You Know About VCs?

The day that we have been waiting for has finally come. Today will be the continuation of Jamaica’s efforts to establish its venture capital market, and it promises to be an exciting day as the Development Bank of Jamaica’s Venture Capital … Continue reading

DBJ Venture Capital Conference - September 9, 2013

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Market Update: Jamaica Broilers, Lasco Distributors Announce Annual General Meeting Dates

The annual general meeting dates for Jamaica Broilers and Lasco Distributors were announced today.

  • The Annual General Meeting of Jamaica Broilers Group Limited will be held at the Jamaica Conference Centre, Ocean Boulevard, Kingston Mall, Kingston on Saturday, November 2, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.
  • The Annual General Meeting of Lasco Distributors Limited will be held at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel, 17 Waterloo Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica, on September 30, 2013 at 11:30 a.m.
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Over 11,000 Pawn Shops In The US, With Average Loan Size Of US$150

Continued Growth in the Pawn Industry. Loan Size Up 88% To US$150 Since 2008

In Michigan and many other states, pawn customers pay a maximum interest rate of 3 percent per month. Of course, a 3 percent interest rate works out to a 36 percent annual rate. A typical rate can be much higher in unregulated states — about 10 percent for a 30-day loan, according to National Pawnbrokers Association spokesman Emmett Murphy.

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QUESTION: Who and Where Are The Business Incubators or Venture Capitalists In The Caribbean?

I have a business idea, heck I’ve already started the business, and I’ve done some planing and the ground work. But I’ve come to a place where I’m thinking that if I get some support then I definitely could take … Continue reading

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One Almost Fatal Mistake A Young Business Can Make In The Early Stages…

Not reaching out for help. Not having a sound support system. Not getting enough advice and feedback. Not doing enough research. Having a good team of advisors, even friends or family that can act as a sounding board is always … Continue reading

Mistakes I've made

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Reward Card Business Heats Up! Magna Against All Others

With 500,000 active customers and more than 70 partners at more than 250 locations, Magna, which is jointly owned by Prism Services Inc of Barbados and Neal & Massy Holdings of Trinidad comes close to monopolising the market.

Its regional markets also include Antigua, Grenada and St Vincent.

In Jamaica, Magna also has co-branded cards with Scotiabank, JIIC and Guardian Life, deepening its penetration in the market.

Sure Loyalty, the new kid on the block, has been challenging Magna with its own purple card since July 2012. It has grown to 20,000 customers and 11 partners, but has got some way to go before posing any great threat to Magna.

[Source: Gleaner]

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Common Problems, Uncommon Solutions

With so many Caribbean businesses facing so many different challenges, I figured this would be a fitting story on how Jeff Bezos approached what could be considered a common problem, with a not-so-common solution. Here goes; It was so hot … Continue reading

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Jamaican Teas Dissapointed In Stock’s Performance. Chooses Corporate Bond Instead

Investors can expect the Jamaican Teas Corporate Bond Offering any time now. However when questioned about the main reason for a bond offering instead of more equity CEO John Mahfood couldn’t resist lamenting the poor performance of his stock on … Continue reading

Jamaican Teas Stock Market Price @ Aug 9, 2013

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And @blastpass is back… with their first deal in almost two months (49 days since the last deal on June 14, 2013)! Not a good sign. It’s good though that they’re still trying and are still able to convince retailers. One … Continue reading

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On The Ground News Reports Touts US$2 Million Valuation, But Lacks Real Content And Revenue To Back It

It may have missed a lot of us. It certainly missed me, until a friend asked me if I heard the story about On the Ground News Reports touting a J$200 million (US$2 million) valuation, based on future earnings. Continue Reading

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3 Lessons From How 40 Yr Old IPO Virgin SSL Did It 5 Times In 3 Years!

By now most investors and avid readers of business news would have seen the popular purple-ish and white colors of Stocks and Securities Ltd either in the papers or somewhere else. And if you’re not careful, you would probably think … Continue reading

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Blast Week 1 Review. Launch, Execution & Customer Response

One of the best times to check how serious a company is, is at its launch. Imagine Digicel at its launch, think back to the launch of the iPhone, or even the launch of a local mom and pop store … Continue reading

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