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Link: Twitter’s One Of A Kind Board – Former CEO Dick Costolo May Be Replaced

Twitter’s board makeup is a rarity in the corporate world. According to a recent study by Equilar, which tracks executive compensation, there are no companies in the S&P 500 index with three of their former CEOs on the board. Thirteen … Continue reading

3 Reasons Why A Liberalized Telecommunications Sector Was The Best Thing For Jamaica

Payphones were once a hit in Jamaica Chelsea Gomez

Growing up in Jamaica, one can never forget the day in the late 1990s that the government decided to open our telecommunications industry to competition, ending years of monopoly service. To many, those were the days of neglect, limited innovation and one could say poor customer service. Now as we look back and recognize World Telecommunications day we at recognize and remember where we are coming from and the significant progress we have made as a people. Let us look back at the path to liberalization which began many years ago and use this day as an opportunity to highlight some of the major achievements and possibilities the liberalization of our telecommunications has brought for us. Continue Reading

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Remembering Mother’s Day At Devon House: Why Some Businesses Are Slow To Or Never Respond

Enticing waffle cone by megan

There are NOT many products, businesses, or places that people will line up for hoooours to buy or use. Not many in Jamaica and not many in the world. However there are some that are different. No matter which day of the week or time of year – their lines are long and customers just keep coming back. Meet Devon House. Continue Reading

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Send A Text And Find A Phone Number… In Seconds! Text ‘4-Yellow’ Makes It Amazingly Easy.

Text 4-Yellow Promotion By The Jamaica Yellow Pages

Recently, I wanted to find the phone number of a company to get some plumbing supplies. Since I was at work and I had a physical directory, I knew it would be best to find the number before I went on the road for lunch, because with my smartphone freezing (the way it has been for the last couple months), I knew trying to look it up online while I was on the road would have been a hassle. Continue Reading

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SSL In Trouble? The Silence Is Definitely Not Good!

Stocks and Securities Promo Video

Stocks and Securities Promo Video

So far, this seems to be the only information out there (press release below)… well online at least. But in the minds, hearts and private conversations of a whole lot of hopeful, doubtful, pessimistic and skeptical investors, a lot of questions are being asked about this latest development. The truth is, for the Financial Services Commission to be sent to your office, even for a cup of tea is not a good sign. Continue Reading

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Yes To Venture Capital, But Count The Costs

With the recent DBJ Venture capital conference, there has been renewed interest in the venture capital market in Jamaica, and a lot of effort is behind the establishment of same. In her weekly Sunday Gleaner column, Yaneek Page considers the Good, Bad And Ugly Sides of Venture Capital, a must read for those who want to quickly get up to speed with what’s at stake. Continue Reading

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Chocolate Dreams Launches Ambitious Kickstarter Campaign To Raise US$50,000 (J$5m) Online!

Chocolate Dreams Kickstarter Campaign

Already 10 days into their 30 day campaign, Chocolate Dreams has managed to raise US$645 of their ambitious US$50,000 goal – that’s a little over 1%. We don’t think it’s impossible though, and so we’re very hopeful for the success of this campaign. Certainly, it would have been nicer to see them even closer to US$1,000 or US2,000 but let’s hope that the campaign will soon pick up steam. Continue Reading

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Big Venture Capital Conference Today! What Do You Know About VCs?

DBJ Venture Capital Conference - September 9, 2013

The day that we have been waiting for has finally come. Today will be the continuation of Jamaica’s efforts to establish its venture capital market, and it promises to be an exciting day as the Development Bank of Jamaica’s Venture Capital conference is finally here! Being promoted for some weeks now (as a major conference with financial heavy-weights), this conference will offer a BIG opportunity to prospective startups (young companies), government officials, investors and the private sector to network, air their views and put their shoulders behind getting this sector started once and for all.

Continue Reading

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