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10 BIG Winners From Tessanne Being On NBC’s ‘The Voice’

Tessane & Adam - Let It Be

The voice is over, and the votes are in. Tessanne is the winner. Jamaica is in an ecstatic mood right now after hearing the results of what has been a life changing ride for Tessanne and #TeamJamaica that rallied behind her all the way.
So now that life is getting back to normal and everyone is looking to the future we thought we’d share the top 10 companies or persons who benefited big time from this. Continue Reading

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PHOTO: Tessanne Chin’s Own Bread & Butter

Although it’s been out a few days now, we couldn’t resist posting this for the rest of us who may not have seen it as yet. We hope that Tessanne is getting her fair share from having her image and name associated with this. Continue Reading


#Tessanne Question: How Much of That iTunes Money Will She Get?

Tessanne Chin on NBC's The Voice

With #Tessanne in the finals of NBC’s The Voice singing competition (and even before she got there), I had a couple questions that I wanted to ask. Continue Reading


#Tessanne #TheVoice: Word Getting Out That Jamaicans Can Support Online

Tessanne Chin on NBC's The Voice

I didn’t know about this before, but tonight I picked up on what seems to be new hope, for the Jamaicans who want to take part and support their Jamaican sensation Tessanne Chin online.

Apparently each time you buy the song that she performed that night on itunes, it counts as a vote. Continue Reading

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Sir Richard Branson Defends His Move To The Caribbean

Necker Island - Sir Richard Branson's Getaway

What’s better than getting rich, having good health and years left to enjoy it, and moving to the Caribbean! There’s little that can be compared to that… and they’re few places that can compare either. But what happens if you’ve amassed a reaallly reaaaally large amount of wealth, and what happens if the place you’re moving from is Britain? And lastly, what if you’re Sir Richard Branson? Continue Reading

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Remember The Voice Backlash? Watch This Video As Digicel And TVJ Proudly Annouce Bringing It To Local TV!

TVJ Announces Rights To The Voice - Live on TVJ

Inundated with calls from all over about whether Jamaicans could participate and support their own Jamaican sister, Tessanne Chin, Digicel quickly sprang into action, rolled up its sleeves and flexed its muscle to see what it could do to help Jamaicans participate. Continue Reading

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Inspired By Indian Women. Finding Uncommon Solutions For Common Problems

Woman in blue dress. Photo by hikingartist

Indian women face a distinct problem. A problem which I thought was already solved for ALL women over the world. However, when The Economist highlighted the plight of women in India and the steps that they would take each month to deal with an issue that all women face, I was inspired by the creativity of the thinkers behind the solution. Continue Reading

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Bolt Can’t Hide His Money. Even Businessweek Is Calculating His New Puma Contract!

Usain Bolt's Gold Nissan GT-R by Shane

Usain Bolt is a star like no other. No matter what he does the world still cannot get enough of him. Now Bolt has renewed his endorsement deal with Puma, his main sponsor from his youngest days; and of course speculation is rife as to what that ‘undisclosed’ amount is. Businessweek takes a guess. Continue Reading

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