3 Simple Reasons The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) T20 Cricket Series Is A No Brainer!

The recent launch of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) proves to be an extremely innovative way to not only ease in the modernisation of cricket with the T20 format, but also improves the sport’s marketability; who can complain about that?

cplBasically, this move has almost re-branded the image of cricket  in the Caribbean, and can be used to promote Caribbean investments, whether by local businesses or international organizations.

This makes it possible for patrons to catch evening games based on T20’s relatively short nature. That in itself attracts more individuals who would previously be unable to attend because of clashes with work, as well as those who had reservations because of the length of the typical cricket match which tends to only suit the hardcore cricket lovers. Sheer brilliance, really. To add to that, it has already created a fun buzz in the airwaves, which is commendable for the fact that this is its inaugural year.

As such, the CPL is a tri-fold experience; placing the culture of Caribbean cricket more on the map, creating a new platform for potential investors, as well as providing a new outlet for cricket lovers internationally to enjoy their cricket.

Yes, we said internationally! All games will be broadcast on ESPN3: the internet-based leg of the ESPN franchise -enabling persons to have full control over their access.

The CPL package seems quite solid and beneficial to all stakeholders in the venture. Time, money and passion; investments evoked by the Caribbean Premier League. It’s a good look.

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