10 BIG Winners From Tessanne Being On NBC’s ‘The Voice’

Tessane & Adam - Let It Be

The voice is over, and the votes are in. Tessanne is the winner. Jamaica is in an ecstatic mood right now after hearing the results of what has been a life changing ride for Tessanne and #TeamJamaica that rallied behind her all the way.
So now that life is getting back to normal and everyone is looking to the future we thought we’d share the top 10 companies or persons who benefited big time from this. Continue Reading

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PHOTO: Tessanne Chin’s Own Bread & Butter

Although it’s been out a few days now, we couldn’t resist posting this for the rest of us who may not have seen it as yet. We hope that Tessanne is getting her fair share from having her image and name associated with this. Continue Reading


#Tessanne Question: How Much of That iTunes Money Will She Get?

Tessanne Chin on NBC's The Voice

With #Tessanne in the finals of NBC’s The Voice singing competition (and even before she got there), I had a couple questions that I wanted to ask. Continue Reading


Forget Taxes, Here’s How Jamaican Entertainers Are Already Giving Back MILLIONS!

As cliche as it is, sharing is caring; and for high profile Jamaican entertainers to share their talents and resources caring for the less fortunate, those at risk,  invalids, and the disadvantaged, is truly a commendable act. Continue Reading

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Royal Caribbean International Hits 50 Million Guests Milestone

In its 45 years of existence, Royal Caribbean International has officially had over 50 million guests on it’s 21-ship fleet! Congratulations are clearly in order for this reputable Caribbean entity which will now embark on a year-long celebration honouring their guests, business partners, employees and crew members. Continue Reading

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Chronixx. 5 Super Simple Business Lessons the Breakout Reggae Artiste Can Teach You

Chronixx - Reggae Artiste

Chronixx - Reggae Artiste

As the STAR’s Breakout Artiste of the year for 2013 (a Jamaican Tabloid) and the 2012 winner of the ‘Male Artiste of the Year’ award in Kenya, rising star Chronixx is taking the airwaves by storm. Having seen and heard the name over 3 times in 2 days, I realized that I had to find out more about this phenomenal artiste. Continue Reading

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New Men’s Magazine Being Published in The Bahamas

Many people across the Caribbean have toyed with the idea of starting a magazine. Most drop the idea like a hot patty as soon as they realize how costly and consuming a venture it is. Sometimes though, a few press through to reality.

Make way for Brutha, the new Caribbean fashion and lifestyle magazine designed and targeted exclusively to men. Brutha “promises to be a celebration of fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment for men between the ages of 21 – 39, harnessing the essence of sophistication, class, and style. “

Continue Reading

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