New Men’s Magazine Being Published in The Bahamas

Many people across the Caribbean have toyed with the idea of starting a magazine. Most drop the idea like a hot patty as soon as they realize how costly and consuming a venture it is. Sometimes though, a few press through to reality.

Make way for Brutha, the new Caribbean fashion and lifestyle magazine designed and targeted exclusively to men. Brutha “promises to be a celebration of fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment for men between the ages of 21 – 39, harnessing the essence of sophistication, class, and style. ”

The magazine, which will be published quarterly, was launched on the 3rd of March 2012 at Van Breugel’s Restaurant & Bar, Charlotte Street, Nassau, Bahamas.

The magazine’s inaugural issue will feature ex-candidate for the Democratic National Alliance Party, musician and community activist, Sammie Poitier, notable up and coming entrepreneur Giorgio Knowles, and musical icon CJ Priest. The issue will also feature steps to starting your own business, advice on love, sex & relationships, spring fashion inspiration with the hottest models in town, fitness guide, cooking & healthy lifestyle facts and so much more!

You can actually read the first publication of the magazine online.

Just One Minor(ity) Thing

I just have one question regarding the name “Brotha.” Why does it seem like all magazines created by black people have to be named after and primarily targeted to black people? Why couldn’t it simply be a Men’s Magazine? Which is what I thought initially, until I heard the name.

Maybe it doesn’t matter. The Caribbean, though predominately black, is not exclusively so. Why not have the name represent something more inclusive? Well, the horse has already gone through the gate.




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