Forget Taxes, Here’s How Jamaican Entertainers Are Already Giving Back MILLIONS!

As cliche as it is, sharing is caring; and for high profile Jamaican entertainers to share their talents and resources caring for the less fortunate, those at risk,  invalids, and the disadvantaged, is truly a commendable act.

From the Bustamante Hospital for Children, Marley Hill Primary, to Yoplait’s ‘Save Lids To Save Lives’ Breast Cancer Campaign, these entertainers are making their presence felt through their philanthropic efforts, and their honest want to see a better Jamaica.

J$89 Million Raised From Shaggy & Friends Alone

Isiah Laing from Supreme Promotions, the organizers of Sting, launched his charity arm the Supreme Foundation in December 2012. Supreme has managed to raise over $700,000 for the Victoria Jubilee hospital between their ‘To Mom With Love’ Concert that was held in May 2013 and at the foundation’s launch in December 2012. Other artistes (Lovindeer for instance) gives back by performing at charity shows, while Orville ‘Shaggy’ Burrell has also raised significant sums through his popular ‘Shaggy and Friends’ Concert series.

In June 2009, he held the first Shaggy and Friends concert on the lawns of Jamaica House and the Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation was created.

In that first year alone, the event raised US$300,000 ($27 million at the time) for the hospital. In 2010 US$350,000 ($31 million at the time) was raised, but the concert was not held in 2011.

However, when it returned in 2012, US$370,000 ($32 million at the time) was raised.

What are your thoughts on entertainers planting their seeds in such a way? Make your voice be heard below.

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