Trinidad Government Rethinks CET After Poultry Shortage In Southern and Central Trinidad

After the Trinidadian government imposed a 15 percent Common External Tariff (CET) on chicken imports four months ago, poultry dealers have begun to complain about shortages in the local market. This has particularly affected southern and central Trinidad.

Endorsing this complaint, a spokesman at a San Fernando poultry outlet reported that she had been getting only a portion of her quota for the past month, attributing this to the reduction of foreign chicken parts on the local market.

This has led to poultry dealers increasing production. Has this worked to the dealers’ benefit, though? 

Turns out, the local Minister of Trade and Industry, Vasant Bharath, has announced that the government may have to now end up reversing the previously imposed ‘CET’ although it was implemented to protect the local industry.

Hmm, what’s the best move, here?

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