10 BIG Winners From Tessanne Being On NBC’s ‘The Voice’

The voice is over, and the votes are in. Tessanne is the winner. Jamaica is in an ecstatic mood right now after hearing the results of what has been a life changing ride for Tessanne and #TeamJamaica that rallied behind her all the way.
So now that life is getting back to normal and everyone is looking to the future we thought we’d share the top 10 companies or persons who benefited big time from this.

1. Tessanne

Tessane & Adam - Let It Be

Tessane & Adam – Let It Be

The most obvious. For Tessanne, the possibilities are endless, or as Adam puts it, there is no limit to how far she can go. Tessanne also confessed in the finals that she has no idea what the future holds for her, but one thing is sure; as of now her life will not be the one she envisioned even up to a couple weeks ago. Amazing how one’s life can change over night. Tessanne is a BIG BIG winner out of this.

Apart from Tessanne here are the other winners from this ride Tell us if we got it right.

2. Digicel

digicellogoIf there is one company in Jamaica that has been innovative, responsive, forward thinking and quick to act, it’s Digicel. And the best part about it is that they continue to have some of those characteristics. Their quick creative response to the many calls that inundated their offices about how Jamaicans could vote for Tessanne, really shows why they continue to win the mobile war. Never mind the current sentiment about their service (which seems to be tanking), Digicel is definitely a BIG BIG winner in this one and I know they have BIG things in store for Tessanne (if they can get a hold of her).

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TVJ Announces Rights To The Voice - Live on TVJ

TVJ Announces Rights To The Voice – Live on TVJ

3. The RJR Group (Television Jamaica, RE Tv)

TVJ Banner - Logo and motto

TVJ Banner – Logo and motto

It takes real foresight to make such a long term strategic decision from the outset, but that’s what TVJ did. Mind you, I think their money was secure with that Digicel agreement (plus it wasn’t that much of a risk not being prime time), however they really stuck their neck on the block for this one, and are much better for it. While they were dragged through the mud for their initial decision to ‘buy out the rights’ for the show, forcing everyone locally to watch it on their station (and not on NBC); the conversation soon turned to ‘RETv, what channel is that?’, as people became more familiar with their sister station (something which they didn’t even foresee, but came out from the backlash).

Good move TVJ.

4. Apple & iTunes

I don’t need stats to know this. I feel Apple saw itunes votes for Tessanne (and her competitors) beyond their wildest dreams! The hype generated by Tessanne and her team was so phenomenal that I know it should blow all their past records out of the ball park. Trust me, wait until they open the record books.

5. NBC

NBC has never seen a competitor like Tessanne Chin, and the amazing team behind her. I’m not being dramatic, but when the attention of a whole country and all their overseas relatives tuned in each night to see their girl on TV you know that NBC really struck gold with this one. Tessanne really captured the hearts of the American voters, plus #TeamTessanne had the Jamaican Diaspora in every country voting, watching, and voting for their girl. NBC hit it big with this one.

6. Magic Jack, Skype, and Telephone Companies

Word on the street is that Jamaicans did anything they could to ramp up those votes. It doesn’t even matter if those votes were counted or not. All that seemed to matter was that they got the recording that they have successfully voted; but did they count? It seems so; but the world will never know. In the meantime, phone companies collected big time for those multiple calls to the US.

Here are some tweets to prove it;





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7. Jamaica and Caribbean Music, People and Places

Each time the judges commented, they reflected on Jamaica. Christina recalled on the show her recent trip, Adam shared about his love for reggae music and Tessanne said a few Jamaican phrases. Then when you add her Bob Marley performance of Redemption song and the No Doubt/Lady Saw Underneath It All song, plus the one drop segment in ‘Let it be’ on the finals (which she performed with coach Adam), reggae music and Jamaica really got their day in the international media this time.

Portland Jamaica

Portland Jamaica

To top it off, her campaigning overseas (and that of her team), doing TV and radio interviews, plus the appearance of heavyweight supporters Shaggy and Usain Bolt, there is not much more Jamaica could have asked for in 2013.

8. Lady Saw

David Mullings says it best.

If america and the world never knew of a woman named Lady Saw, they certainly do now.

9. Jamaicans Jumping On The Hype

From Captain’s Bakery, UB Tracks and Records, Duttyberry, to street side t-shirt vendors,  and anything with Tessanne’s name on it, one you said Tessanne Chin it was gone off the shelves like that! Everywhere, every radio station, every street corner bar and late night party were playing Pink’s Try, and Emeli Sandé’s – Next To Me and not to mention Unconditional, songs that were once unknown in Jamaica, but that Jamaicans have now fallen in love with.

Right now, if you put Tessanne’s face on ice, it will sell at a premium.


10. You Tell Us…

Who is another big winner? Tell us in the comments below.

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21 Responses to 10 BIG Winners From Tessanne Being On NBC’s ‘The Voice’

  1. thevoice says:

    Lmao!!! All u a jump on it! Good blog post. Lmao@’if u put tessanne’s face on ice’:)…brand Jamaica has benefitted indeed (except for the ‘worst’ roads! lol. A lot of Jamaicans knew the songs she performed still so that agree generally with that bit. Digicel was indeed very quick thinking and strategic, big billboards of tessanne at the airport, mandela highway n all so definitely agree. At the end of the day we need to find more ways to capitalize more from our creative industries in Jamaica and reap widescale economic benefits (perhaps u can do a blog on that) Kudos to Tessanne!!!T’was like a singing Olympics. #Proudness buck! 🙂

  2. Stephen Stephen says:

    Thanks. I didn’t even realize that they had billboards and all, so that shows even more… Definitely proud of her.

  3. Sheldon says:

    People like you that can’t wait till morning to blog about it…

  4. Sherry says:

    # 10 Michael Cuff he’s probably inline to get a broadcasting job you never know lol

  5. BjornJB says:

    Man, Great post. I can’t even think of anything else…But all the vendors on HWT last night! LOL

  6. nashbaton says:

    Her family, more so Mr.Cuffe&Tami

  7. DJ says:

    Dutty Berry…hands down!

  8. Zawdie says:

    If i recall correctly, lady saw doesnt have writers credits for “underneath it all” and therefore doesnt have any money to get from Tessanne’s version.

    • Stephen Stephen says:

      That’s interesting. Well if not from Tessanne’s version at least she should earn if they buy the track or album? I hope.

    • bella says:

      All depends on the contract she signed to do the song. If she wrote the song she can get writer’s royalties plus she’s entitled to performer’s rights unless she signed them away/opted for a lump sum payment w/o royalties.

  9. Another winner are Americans of Jamaican descent (also known as Jamaican diaspora – like David Mullings and venues where watch parties were held) and probably the most passionate voters. They were invited into the living rooms of America through Tessanne each episode and post. They became a topic of conversation at water coolers and cubicles across America.

  10. Sammie Sosa says:

    Sharon Burke !!!! – booking agent for Tessanne

  11. enquiring mind says:

    #10 is easy. Dutty Berry.

  12. tracey hamilton says:

    The actual show the voice came out a big winner…as many many jamaicans..caribbean people and jamaican supporters locally and abroad had no glue about the show….

    So though technically the station NBC came out big winners.so did the Voice.. especially for that season as it gained a new and wider audience. No doubt next season some will not return untill another jamaican star comes on…i am sure several will continue to view the programme… as it is an excellent format and produced programme..

    I on the other hand being a supporter from inception will continuw being a fan whether another jamaican graces the stage or not

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