Remember The Voice Backlash? Watch This Video As Digicel And TVJ Proudly Annouce Bringing It To Local TV!

Inundated with calls from all over about whether Jamaicans could participate and support their own Jamaican sister, Tessanne Chin, Digicel quickly sprang into action, rolled up its sleeves and flexed its muscle to see what it could do to help Jamaicans participate.

After all their research, they settled on the fact that Jamaicans could not participate in voting. In fact, Tahnida Nunes – Senior Sponsorship Manager, Digicel puts it in perspective in the video below, stating that not even people in Canada can vote, and only people in the US on one network can participate.

So with voting out, they realized the only other way to support her was to build that vibe locally, and help create a national buzz, especially when the show is on. What’d they do?

Watch the video below as Claire Grant – General Manager, Television Jamaica & Tahnida Nunes – Senior Sponsorship Manager, Digicel announce their partnership in bringing the voice to the homes of millions of Jamaicans, many who still do not have access to cable and would not have been able to be a part of this experience if not for their ingenuity.


TVJ Announces Rights To The Voice - Live on TVJ

TVJ Announces Rights To The Voice – Live on TVJ

Of course, there was the backlash (which we will write about separately), but for now, just look at the smiles on their faces and the pride as they make the grand announcement. I’m sure they’re proud of their efforts.


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