5 Reasons You Will Love The New MoneyMax101.com

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working non-stop to ensure that MoneyMax101.com is your #1 resource for all your Caribbean business intelligence needs – and we’ve made a lot of progress. Now it’s time to bring you up-to-date on some of the progress we’ve made and share some of the exciting features that we have in store for you.


Before We Announce The Features…

However, before I share the amazing features, I want to share something that I’m particularly proud of. In 2011, I had a vision for an interactive and engaging financial portal that would showcase Caribbean businesses. From the start, I’ve been very passionate about this and it has always been good to get comments of commendation and encouragement, see the growth in users, and other signs of interest in the site. However, the last few weeks have been the most impactful.

Over the last few weeks, I have had some particularly good conversations from senior officials of some of Jamaica’s best brokerage houses who have given me very positive feedback about the site. That has been very encouraging. In fact, we’re now including the analyst ratings from one of them on our company profile pages, which is a good thing for them, our readers and for the market.

Looking back, we have also received offers to merge with different media outlets and those continue to be strong signs of validation for our work. Our aim is only to continue to make our content better for our readers and the market.

Now For the 5 New Reasons

Here are 5 reasons why you will love the new MoneyMax101.com. I will talk briefly about the first two and send more details about the rest later.

  1. Updated company profile pages

  • Having one place on the internet where you can access everything you need to know about Caribbean companies is way past overdue. We are creating that place where you are now able to see all the necessary information for each company in one place.

This includes their background (what the company does), who owns and manages it, key ratios and financials, and even key dates like what quarter are they in and when are the next financial results expected.

Before you decide to buy or sell your next stock view our company pages. You can view a sample company here http://moneymax101.com/company/jbg

MoneyMax101 - Jamaica Broilers Group


  1. Daily portfolio alerts

  • It’s no fun to track your investments manually. Now you will be able to choose your favourite stocks, enter how much units you own and at what price, and get daily alerts on how your portfolio is doing. Some of you may have already seen our test run on Friday.

Portfolio Update 3 of Your Stocks Up. 2 Down. Oct 23, 2015 - stephen.wildes@gmail.com - Gmail

If you want to use this feature, just reply to this email and I will set you up right away.

The other 3 reasons include…

  1. A new membership area

  2. Stock screener / summarized market reports

  3. Mutual funds

Now what’s ahead? All these features are already available and are being tested. Users who have already signed up to the site will be able to begin testing them and we are adding others slowly as we continue to perfect everything.

It’s an exciting time to invest in Caribbean businesses and I want to ensure that you have the tools and information to do so. Continue investing and if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to email me.

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