10 Stocks You Should Watch for 2012

One thing MoneyMax101 is passionate about, is investing. We want you to make the most of your money. We will highlight ways for you to do that, and suggest things that you should avoid that will detract from that.

This Sunday, January 22, 2012 The Jamaica Observer published a list of 10 stocks to watch for 2012. Their list was compiled based on information from Publisher of Investor’s Choice magazine and financial analyst, John Jackson and Kimberly Thelwell, Stock and Securities Limited’s research manager.

Assuming that things remain stable in the economy, and interest rates low, the analysts are proposing these 10 stocks as those to watch for 2012. The Observer has also placed an indicator with each stock to indicate their outlook. The indicators are High, Moderate and Low, and it refers to the potential for price appreciation. A mixed outlook implies that analysts have differing outlooks.

The 10 stocks to watch are;

  1. National Commercial Bank (NCB) High
  2. Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust (Pan Jam) Moderate
  3. GraceKennedy (GK) High
  4. Desnoes and Geddes (DG) Mixed
  5. Jamaica Broilers (JB) High
  6. AMG Packaging High
  7. Lasco Manufacturing (LASM) and
  8. Lasco Distributors (LASD) Moderate to High
  9. Jamaica Teas (JAMT) High
  10. Blue Power (BPOW) Low

Read the full article which provides more detail about the basis for each.

Will you be investing in equities this year? Are any of these stocks in your portfolio?

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