I want the new 50 Cent Headphones for Christmas!

50 cent Headphones

Talk about a way to make money. These guys never stop. Now 50 Cent, the rapper, launches his own line of headphones, that you will definitely want for Christmas! Of course they’re by ‘fiddy’ so you know you wanna get one. What’s the cost? I’m sure that it wont matter much to you, as long as you’re with the ‘in crowd’.

Clearly, 50 Cent was frustrated with all the other headphones around, and thought there must be a better way. Here’s how the company is described.

A first-class audio headphone and accessories brand, SMS Audio, LLC is dedicated to improving the way people experience music. SMS Audio combines technology, function and style to bring the highest caliber of sound, comfort and fashion to every product.

So what’s the cost? As Techcrunch reports:

The prices are right in line with current market trends. The wireless over-the-ear cans cost $399 while the wired versions cost just $299. Both are available for pre-order starting today with an expected ship date of December 5th. The earbuds start at $129 but aren’t available for order just yet.

That’s all in US$. So I will convert to J$ for my international audience.

  1. Wireless over-the-ear – US$399 x J$87 = J$34,713
  2. Wired – US$299 x J$87 = J$26,013
  3. Earbuds – US$129 x J$87 = J$11,223

So who’s gonna get me the new 50 Cent smsby50 headphones for Christmas?

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