Hey, We’re Your Original Telephone Directory! Yellow Page Ads Flood the Media

We’re not saying they’re necessarily related, BUT… since RedBk announced their existence in the market last week, we’ve seen a number of advertisements by the Yellow Pages. A lot of Ads in a short space of time.

The Jamaica Yellow Pages has characteristically been the only telephone directory resource available for the longest time. It lists telephone numbers for land lines, which at one time, was the only telephone option available in Jamaica, and the Caribbean.  However since the the termination of monopolies in the Telecommunications sector, there has been other telephone companies, fixed line and mobile (Flow, Digicel, Claro) but the telephone directories have pretty much remained the same. The numbers for these other telephone companies are not available in a directory, and the Jamaica Yellow Pages, has not changed to include them. RedBk, the new company on the scene, aims to change all of that.

RedBk, a new company formed to challenge the dominance of LIME and add their own flair to the market, plans to list both regular landline numbers for LIME, but its distinctive feature is to list telephone numbers for the other carriers; Flow, Digicel, and Claro.

Yellow Page Ads

Here is a close up with more details on one of the full page advertisements.

Yellow Page Advertisment

Have you seen the recent increase in Ads by the Yellow Pages? What do you think about the competition developing in this sector?

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