Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association Programme Offers BIG Support for SMALL Businesses

Jamaica Manufacturers Association - Micro and Small Enterprise Facility

Jamaica Manufacturers Association - Micro and Small Enterprise Facility

The Jamaica Manufacturers association is promoting  its new Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) Membership Facility which we think will provide BIG support for small businesses…all things being equal.

As we are BIG on small businesses and our community involves persons who are launching out, we totally endorse this and are happy to share it. Additionally, this fits in well with our index of resources that we will be creating to help persons in investing and small businesses.

The Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association Limited (JMA), was established in 1947 as a limited liability company to promote the development of the manufacturing sector and increase its contribution to the socio-economic welfare of the country by creating jobs and improving the standard of living for all. The Association represents manufacturers in all the manufacturing sub-sectors as well as institutions and organizations which provide services to these sectors.

The Programme
The Jamaica Manufacturers association’s Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) Membership Facility is being marketed to help you to innovate, grow and compete. On their website it seems directly targeted to manufacturers that employ less than 5 persons and interested in business innovation.

Once your business is registered and tax compliant this is for you. They will also help you to become compliant. The membership fees are based on certain criteria

  • Gross annual sales < J$5 million – J$5,000
  • Gross annual sales < J$5 million to J$10 million – J$10,000
  • The standard rates apply for bigger companies which can be ascertained from the office.

I’m not sure of the benefits received for each category of business however they have listed a host of benefits from business development training, legal business services, conducting job interviews on your behalf to consultation, to even photocopying and online access.

JMA MSE Facility Benefits

JMA MSE Facility Benefits

What other resources or support do small businesses need?

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