Now That’s What I’m Talking About @Digicel_Jamaica! Buying BB Aps Just Got Easier.

Digicel Jamaica Update - Buying BB Aps Just Got Easier

Digicel Jamaica Update - Buying BB Aps Just Got Easier

It’s Saturday and we’re uber excited! Buying apps on your Digicel blackberry just got easier.

Digicel sent out a promotional text today advising that for postpaid customers, they can now buy apps and the cost can be added to their monthly bill.

Nothing New

Apparently the idea of buying apps is nothing new however, as a Digicel has confirmed that this could always be done. A call to the customer care has confirmed that both prepaid and postpaid customers could have purchased apps before and the cost would have been deducted from their available balance.

I am assuming that this allows postpaid customers greater flexibility in terms of charging the cost of the app to their monthly bill.

Have you ever bought an app on your blackberry before? How long ago was that and how have you been finding it?

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