20 Weeks Later MoneyMax101 is Looking Good and Getting Better.

MoneyMax101 20 Week Performance Chart

MoneyMax101 20 Weekly Performance Chart*

After 20 weeks we cant complain.

We set our goals from Day 1. We did our reading and research, and honestly, we didn’t find any independent, analytical, consistent source of business and financial information relating to Jamaicans and the wider Caribbean. For that reason, and also because we genuinely have a passion for business, investing, and sharing such knowledge, this was definitely a win win.

Our goal has been

Providing relevantreliable, and rightly timed resources for investors to reap significant rewards from their money. You can depend on MoneyMax101 to be your source for financial insight, news, and analysis, to help you to grow your wealth.

The primary objective of MoneyMax101 is to help you to maximize your money.

Since starting October 1, 2011, we have seen significant growth, progress and opportunities. After 20 weeks we’ve done a lot, stuck to the plan and remained focused.

Thanks to all those who’ve helped, viewed regularly and given feedback. Big up to Smurf, Andrew, Gabby, Michael, Jk, Ray, Kharla and all the regular people. Here’s to 20 more weeks and further growth.

If you still don’t know what we’re about, read this, and subscribe.

*The two peaks in the chart relate to two special campaigns that we did at those times. The second relates to the Celine Dion Jazz Fest Article which created significant traffic. And that dip in traffic was around Christmas when we focused on working on other areas and posted a little less. 🙂

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