Just Shut Up And Decide Already! – Grace Boss on Energy

Chief Executive Officer of the GraceKennedy group Don Wehby has stated that he really does not give a jing-jong-jay whether Jamaica uses coal or gas. What is important is that the decision is actually made once and for all!

SHUT UP about LNG or Coal! Decide!

On the question of the source of energy, Wehby said for years debate has raged on the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) or coal. However, he suggested that the time for talk has long expired. “For many years, we have been talking about what kind of source, whether it is LNG or coal, I just think that we need to make a decision and go with it.”

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Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Phillip Paulwell  since entering office has announced plans cut the cost of energy by as much as 62 per cent.

Where a country gets its energy is critical. What Jamaicans currently pay for energy is among highest in  the Caribbean precisely because we rely on crude oil. A barrel of oil costs around US$100. That is bad enough. Additionally, whenever there is tension in the Middle East, the cost of oil will increase. Whenever the cost of oil increases, the cost of energy locally increases. You see the problem?

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