Sorry RedBk, You Started it. Yellow Pages Fights Back!

I’m not lying, I bought. Most people did. However I wondered about it – Whether or not cellphone numbers were in the Telephone Directory.

Ooooh boy - Watch out RedBk. Sharrrrrrrkk!

Ooooh boy - Watch out RedBk. Sharrrrrrrkk!

In fact I recalled having a conversation with somebody recently who pointed out that cell phone numbers ARE ACTUALLY listed in the current Jamaica Yellow Pages Telephone directories, and we agreed on popular examples. Take for instance the taxi companies which I’m sure most people would be familiar with. You know, Ontime, City Guide etc, these Jamaican Companies have cellphone numbers in the directory. Right?

So who told you that they didn’t list all businesses in the Yellow Pages? Good question!

This Sunday the Jamaica Yellow Pages came back fighting with all guns blaring as they directly dealt with one of the core issues on which RedBk (the new alternate telephone directory company) has based it business and marketing campaigns.

Truth is, IF as the Jamaica Yellow Pages says, they do list numbers for all businesses, and IF its really open to all and not only available conditionally, THEN that is a direct blow to one of the core areas of RedBk’s business proposition. You’d wonder if there wasn’t enough market research right? (Since the claim wasn’t that they are being a better directory, but one that would actually list all numbers, implying that it wasn’t really done before).

Oh well, that still leaves the regional directories aspect, which could still make RedBk a winner. We’ll have to wait and see how they respond to that one. And truth is, probably the Big Yellow didn’t really target the other networks as much. Thank Heavens for competition.

Did you know that the Jamaica Yellow Pages listed numbers for all carriers? What do you think of their response and about RedBk now?

Here’s the advertisement placed by the Jamaica Yellow Pages. Much different from the previous ads.

Yellow Pages - Cell Phone Ad Campaign

Yellow Pages - Cell Phone Ad Campaign

What do you think of the Jamaica Yellow Pages’ response? Does this affect how you think about RedBk now?

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