Pop Quiz IrieSocial, How Long Should a DAILY DEAL Last?

Did you notice? Are we expected to notice?

Your newest, hippest, popularity hogging start-up, Iriesocial has almost already started to disappoint. I was hesitant to make any judgment on the team and its project, but now, only days after being launched, my hopes are being dashed, and it will certainly take a lot to convince me other wise.

Two Questions

Right now, I only have two questions / concerns for the IrieSocial team;

  1. How long is a daily deal supposed to last? How long are YOUR daily deals going to go for?
  2. Are you going to restart all your deals?!

This morning (Monday), IrieSocial’s first daily deal finally came to an end (after being run from about Thursday), and it sat there for a while saying that the deal was over and only one was sold.

End of Deal #1

End of Deal #1

Later however, the deal was later restarted and now has over a day left. Wow! We get another opportunity to buy into this tremendous opportunity with a 58% discount saving over US$115! Thank You IrieSocial. We are so excited and thankful for this.

Deal Restarted

Deal Restarted

Do you have any thoughts on Daily Deals or IrieSocial?

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