Asafa Powell’s IrieSocial Suffers Stress Fractures. Site Offline.

‘Running’ a website is not an easy feat. Running generally isn’t either. Well, who should know more about this than Asafa Powell himself. The man, a prolific and well decorated 100 metre runner should know about the stresses, and injuries related to running, both on… and now off the court. His daily deals site IrieSocial is now offline.

Site Offline

The site has been offline for some time now. We picked up on it today (January 17, 2013) and it has been offline since. In fact the wording of the offline message somewhat hints that this may be more than a simple ‘site maintenance’outage, as the words used definitely hint at something more medium to short term. Shutdown, and temporarily definitely did it for me. Those words certainly  do not convey the level of urgency I would expect to see for ‘site maintenance’. Furthermore, for a popular multi-million dollar money making business like this, I doubt you’d want to take the site down for maintenance during a major part of any working day. Based on research though, it was up at least until January 2nd.

Is this an indication of the success of the venture? What does it say for e-commerce businesses in Jamaica and the Caribbean? Or is it the team and its execution?

IrieSocial Offline Message Jan 17, 2013

IrieSocial Offline Message Jan 17, 2013

The normally busy social media presence of the team has not said anything either as to why this outage and how long it will take to ‘maintain’ the site. And it doesn’t seem as if its over 11,000 Facebook fans notice either. We’ve reached out to them, and will let you know if they respond.

IrieSocial, is one of Asafa Powell’s business ventures. Asafa, the 3rd fastest man in the world and the athlete with the most sub ten times launched this daily deals groupon like clone in May 2012.

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