Digicel’s Chairman, Denis O’Brien Shows You Why You’re Wasting Time

Meets President, Prime minister, CEOs, Billionaires & Consultants, all within 10 Hours!

Each time I write about Denis O’Brien, I realize that this is no ordinary, sit-at-home, and let it pass kinda guy. This man is active. Aggressive. Action oriented. And to prove my point look at all that this guy achieved in 10 hours!

Denis O'Brien

Denis O’Brien | by The Guardian

Recently the World Economic Forum otherwise known as the Davos Conference was held, and O’Brien “agreed to allow Bloomberg Newsto accompany him around town for most of the day to see how billionaires experience the event”, and this how they found 10 hours with him.

What they found was that he did a lot of things. He really doesn’t like to waste time. He flew in, drove around, met with different officials, made decisions, spoke to CEOs, Prime ministers, Presidents and other other officials, all before ending the day. Here’s how they put it. They write;

In ten hours yesterday, he met with two billionaires, the president of South Africa, the prime minister of Haiti, two chief executive officers, consultants and the head of a company that provides jobs to people with autism. He also negotiated the sale of a business and found a resort in the Middle East to send his parents on vacation — all before traveling back to Dublin to attend a charity ball with his wife.

Now think about what you’ve done with your last 10 hours!

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