Guess Who’s In the Caribbean Right Now For Vacation. The Middletons!

You won’t get to see them though. Highly unlikely.

They’re at an island called Mustique. It sounded new to me as well. On the map above its at that red balloon close to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and as you can see its a reaaaally small island.

It says something about the Caribbean though. We were the big winners at the Superbowl on Sunday and now Kate Middleton and her family have chosen the Caribbean for their vacation… again! Apparently it turning out to be an annual thing.

Mustique - Vacation Destination for Royals

Mustique – Vacation Destination for Royals

Very Small and Intimate Island

By reading up on this location you get a better idea of how intimate this location is. As wikipedia describes;

Mustique (pronounced /muˈstiːk/) is a small private island that is part of St Vincent and the Grenadines. The island is one of a group of islands called the Grenadines, most of which are part of St Vincent and the Grenadines, in the West Indies. The island is located within Grenadines Parish, an administrative area the country.

The island covers 1,400 acres (5.7 km2; 2.2 sq mi) and it has several coral reefs. The land fauna includes tortoises, herons and many other species. Its year-round population of about 500 mostly live in the villages of Lovell, Britannia Bay, and Dover.

The island of Mustique is owned by the Mustique Company, which in turn is owned by the island’s home owners. The island has approximately 100 private villas, many of which are rented out through the Mustique Company. In addition there is one hotel called the Cotton House, owned by the Mustique Company, and one privately owned four-bedroom hotel called Firefly, which is owned by Stan and Liz Clayton.

Celebrity Guest Vacation Spot

Mustique has attracted a number of celebrity guests previously including other members of the Royal family. Previous guests include “Amy Winehouse and Jeremy Clarkson, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip (in 1966, 1977, and 1985), Bryan Adams, Felix Dennis and Stefan Szczesny.

The daily beast reports that to get there they will need to take an 8 hour flight to Barbados then connect from there. The Huffington Post has reported on this story as well.

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