VW Ad, New Airline, Blackberry Upgrade, New Investments and Stock Market Performance – Weekly Review

    • VW released its 2013 Superbowl Commercials which featured a super-happy employee from Minnesota spreading the get happy message to his colleagues. It spiked interest online and among Jamaican audiences. Adam Stewart which deals with the VW distribution in Jamaica had this to say;

  • Apparently there is another airline coming? Jamaica Queen Airlines (JQA) to operate eight aircraft? | The Gleaner published that “The newest local air passenger carrier, Jamaica Queen Airlines (JQA), will be seeking to fly to the United States and The Bahamas operating a fleet of eight Airbus planes, according to a statement of intent to the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA).” Story here
  • Blackberry released its 2 newest long awaited phones in bid to revive the dieing brand and save the company. It also made several strategic changes in order to reposition the company, changing the name from Research in Motion to just ‘Blackberry’, and signing Alicia Keys as its Creative person among other things. I know at least one Caribbean carrier already has plans for a launch of the new phones.
  • We published our Stock Market Performance Review for January 2013.  If you invested in some of the stocks listed, you could have earned a return of up to 58%, or seen your money loose significant value as well. However, either way a whole month is behind us. How did your investments perform for January 2013?
  • A number of companies continue to decline on the Stock MarketGleaner, Sagicor Life and Radio Jamaica Hit 52-Week Lows
  • Red Stripe & Pepsi Form New Company. Mgmt Changes at GK, KLE, & TCL | Desnoes & Geddes Limited has advised that Red Stripe, a Diageo Company and Pepsi Cola Jamaica (owned by Cabcorp) today announced the signing of a deal to form a 50:50 Sales and Distribution Joint Venture Company. The new company will be called Celebration Brands Limited. The Jointed Venture will be owned equally by the two entities and will sell and distribute all Red Stripe/Diageo and Pepsi brands in Jamaica, making this venture the single largest distribution company in Jamaica with an exceptional portfolio of world renowned brands. Gustavo Flamenco was appointed Managing Director of the Celebration Brands Limited. The Joint Venture Company will see a phased roll out of operations, April 2013 to September 2013.
  • We wrote; Digicel’s Chairman, Denis O’Brien Shows You Why You’re Wasting Time | On his visit to Davos he meets President, Prime minister, CEOs, Billionaires & Consultants, all within 10 Hours!
  • We highlight an article that discusses why Apple Beats Earnings Estimates and Stock Slides While Amazon Misses and Stock Goes Up
  • Telecoms provider LIME Jamaica will again slash mobile phone rates if the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) lowers termination rates by March. | At the same time, LIME has rejected comments by rival Digicel Jamaica that lower rates would stymie investment. LIME previously indicated that it will invest US$12 million to upgrade its network arising from the influx of 150,000 customers attributable to its reduction in mobile rates during summer last year. Gleaner
  • New Investment! Red Stripe will spend US$14 million (J$1.3 billion) on energy initiatives at its brewery aimed at slashing costs by 20 per cent over the next three years. The projects include a factory upgrade to reduce cooling costs and the building of its own cogeneration power plant to reduce electricity expenses. The plant will become operational this year and allow Red Stripe to become fully independent of the Jamaica Public Service Company’s electricity grid. Gleaner
  • Bill Express expanding to the Eastern Caribbean | GraceKennedy Money Services (GKMS) will be expanding its Bill Express services to the Eastern Caribbean, starting with the collection of invoices for telecommunications company LIME in Antigua. GKMS already operates the Western Union service from four locations in Antigua, and those will serve as the sites for Bill Express. The service will eventually be rolled out to other areas of the Eastern Caribbean. GKMS introduced the one-stop bill-payment facility in Jamaica in 2000 and has since been expanding its operations across the Caribbean. Today, there are more than 250 Bill Express locations in Jamaica, with similar operations in Trinidad, Guyana, Dominica, Grenada and St Lucia. Gleaner
  • New Investment: KingAlarm pumps $100m into MoBay  | Security company KingAlarm has invested more than $100 million to expand into Montego Bay with new offices at the ATL Bogue Centre — part of an islandwide and regional push into a growing market for security services. Observer
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