2013 Budget, Blast Daily Deals, Caribbean Cream IPO

Investors, householders, businesses, consumers and everybody else will be waiting with bated breath to finally hear the details of the 2013-2014 budget as Minister of Finance Dr. Peter Phillips, releases it today April 18, 2013 in parliament.

Warning, 2013 Budget Ahead!

While not many new taxes are expected, and considering that budget has already been slashed by $80 billion or 14% compared to the $602.5 billion for the previous year (2012-2013), we are still anxiously awaiting the details as to how the government plans to finance it. We will be following up on it!

Blast Away Your Budget Blues

With the new budget just hours away, (it may be a little ironic that they are launching or releasing their first deal on the same day), we will now have an opportunity to maximize or should I say, blast away our budget blues. Thank God for Blast, a new daily deals website that promises ‘explosive deals’. Signing up on their website blastja.com will give you a chance to get one of their blast-ed deals, and with the publicity, furor and high profile backers, I hope to God that they they don’t blow it, like you know who.

Ice Cream Money

And so, with all the gloom and economic doom around, the 2013 budget, the cut in the global economic forecast by the International Monetary Fund, political mismanagement of state and ‘market’ resources, uncertainty in local tissue standards, and even calls for divine intervention to solve Jamaica’s crime problem; it may just be the right time to have some ice-cream, or should I say, invest in some! This time we’re talking money-making ice-cream, cha-ching!

The latest Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior market offering is out, and this time it is and ice-cream maker Caribbean Cream Limited, makers of Kremi Ice Cream that are aiming to raise $75 million at $1 per share.

The company plans to use the funds to ‘further strengthen its operations, retool and improve its operational processes so as to fulfil its strategic plans and business goals and improve the Company’s financial and non-financial performance.’

The company plans to sell about 20% of the company, valuing the company at about $375 million and the IPO opens on April 25, 2013. You can read more about them and make your investment decision. Do it early!

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