Developing: Yahoo to Buy Rockstar Blogging Platfrom Tumblr

It has been confirmed by multiple sources that the current rock star of short-form blogging, also known as tumblogging, tumblr, is in talks with Yahoo re some partnership or an all out acquisition. Without repeating much of the speculation out there, this is what has already been reported.

Tumblr Buttons

Photo by Scott Beale

Forbes wrote;

A source with knowledge of the Yahoo/Tumblr discussions says they are proceeding rapidly and likely to result in an offer as soon as Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer can get her board’s approval. She is said to favor an outright acquisition rather than an investment or partnership. As mentioned above, a lockup agreement prevents Tumblr from holding a bake-off with Facebook, Microsoft or anyone else.

AllthingsD, the first to break the story, wrote;

Still, any kind of deal with Tumblr could certainly bring Yahoo a big, young audience. Its worldwide traffic was at 117 million visitors in April, according to comScore. On its home page, Tumblr claims it has 107.8 million blogs and 50.6 billion posts. U.S. desktop traffic to Tumblr was 37 million in April, close to LinkedIn and Twitter, although Twitter obviously has much more via mobile.

What do you think of a Yahoo Tumblr partnership?


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