Major Improvements – MoneyMax now JSE & TTSE Ready!

MoneyMax101 from the outset has been focused on ‘investing and doing business in the Caribbean’. From day 1 we decided to focus on providing relevant, reliable and rightly timed resources for you as an investor. As a result, one of the main areas of focus for us from the start was the stock market. This is an area that we have continued to write about, both in terms of the companies on the market and how the markets themselves work.

It should come as no surprise therefore that we didn’t stop until we fully integrated our site to provide rightly timed updates on the Caribbean stock markets – all in one place.

Site Now Includes Stock Market Data

A visit to the site will show a couple changes which will quickly highlight some of what we’ve been working on. We’re the biggest fans of what we do (as we invest in the markets ourselves), so we’re just as excited about this! Here’s some of the changes we’ve made to the site with our new data.

1. Summary Info In the Header

At the top right of the home page you will see the most recent information from the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) and Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange (TTSE), two of the markets from which we have live data. We hope to get the others soon.

Quick market summary in the Header

Quick market summary in the Header


2. Stock Quotes on Company Pages

Some of you may not even know that we have company pages, but its a part of what we’ve been working on, a big part of the resources that we’re building up. Now each publicly listed company’s page includes the most recent data on its performance on the markets.


Now each company profile has the lastest stock price information

Now each company profile has the latest stock price information


3. Summary Table on the Sidebar

Another way that we’ve integrated the data is to include a quickly accessible summary of the top 5 stocks that traded (by volume) in the sidebar of most pages. This one gives a lot of the information you need at a glance.
sidebar_summary_02 Jul. 21 21.36



4. Daily Summary pages

And if those changes were not enough, we’ve also created summary pages (for the JSE and TTSE) where you can quickly see the stocks that traded for the most recent day and their performance for that day. From this page you can also check out the individual company pages for more info.

Daily Summary Report

Daily Summary Report

Phase 1 – Only the Begining

We’ve only just begun. So far the site is updated daily with information from the Jamaica Stock Exchange and the Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange and is integrated throughout the site in many ways (as shown above). And there’s much much more to come!

See if you can see what we see – graphs, comparisons, tables with financial info, comparison of companies in one currency, live stock market updates (as these updates are only daily after the market closes), oh and even seeing how cross listed companies did on both exchanges at a glance. There’s so much more.

Please continue to support and as usual let us know what you think. Who knows, if you want something badly enough, we might just fast track it for you. What do you think?


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