New Portfolio Experience ???

At the beginning of September 2019, we released an updated portfolio experience ??. These changes were the biggest set of enhancements we’ve made to the online portfolio experience in recent times, taking it to another level.

Having worked on this for some time now, we’re very excited about this new experience ?, mainly because of how much more information it will provide on your portfolio’s performance ??.

We’ve already updated our users by email (a few months ago) but we will highlight the changes here as well.

When you view your portfolio now, you will notice it has a slightly modified look ?. The main change is the addition of the Performance History tab (Investors only), but we went ahead and made some other changes as well.

New Performance History View

The Performance History tab allows you to explore your holdings, combined or individually. View the total return for your portfolio (capital gain and dividends for the period held) with a graph reflecting your performance over time ?. Then you can drill down and view the performance of an individual stock.

NOTE: To benefit from this (having your dividends automatically calculated and seeing your stock’s performance graphed) you will have to include the dates for each transaction so that it can calculate the dividends and graphs based on the dates.

Explore Previous Holdings (Gains/Losses Made)

Another big plus! You can also explore previous holdings as well. It now allows you to see how much you made/lost on stocks you previously held ? (I find this to be really cool when looking back at stocks you held in the past). Go ahead and upload all your transactions from as far back as you want. I was able to graph my CWJ holdings and see how much I made.

We’ve also improved the CSV upload and adjusted the transactions tab (making it sortable etc).

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Full List of Changes

Here’s a list of all the Changes.

Major Changes

  • New Performance History Tab (Investors only)
    • Historical portfolio performance graph
    • Total Return (Capital Gain & Dividends)
    • Drill down and view performance by stock (graph, total return and all trades for that stock)
    • View previously held positions – Gain/Loss on previous holdings – view how much you made from stocks you sold
  • Performance By Period Section
    • Showing performance for each period with % and total dollar gains – 1 Day, WTD, MTD and YTD
  • Better CSV Upload
  • View recent chat comments mentioning companies in your portfolio
  • Viewing your portfolio both in the transaction currency and a converted currency of your choice
  • Updated the ability to track stocks from NYSE/NASDAQ, London (LSE), Canada (TSX)

Minor Changes

  • Modified Look… Some tabs grouped and sub-tabs added
  • Better fit for mobile
  • Portfolio settings added to (Data & Settings tab) easier to access
  • News re-introduced

PS. We’ve also changed the total in the portfolio emails. It now shows a separate total for USD and JMD.


You can also view two posts made about the changes here

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