Honey Bun (1982) Ltd (HONBUN) Mar 2020 (Q2) Revenues Up 12%, Profit Down 39% YoY

Honey Bun (1982) Ltd (HONBUN) recently reported their March 2020 (Q2) results. Here are the highlights.

This is just a summary, but for more charts, ratios and other details visit HONBUN’s page here

Year To Date (2020Q2)

  • Revenue of $875.97m. Up by 12.96% or 100.49m YTD YoY.
    Due to increased capacity from production equipment upgrades
  • Cost Of Sales / Direct Expenses totaled -$449.98m. Increasing by 12.80% or -51.05m YTD YoY.
  • Gross Profit of $425.99m. Up by 13.13% or 49.43m YTD YoY.
  • Sales, Marketing &/or Distribution Expenses was -$129.21m. Increasing by 5.35% or -6.56m YTD YoY.
  • Administration & General Expenses of -$183.69m. Up by 26.22% or -38.15m YTD YoY.
    Due to increased salaries and marketing expenses
  • Operating Profit was $111.33m. Decreasing by -3.52% or -4.05m YTD YoY.
  • Finance Costs totaled -$4.57m. Up by 15.41% or -610.37k YTD YoY.
  • Income Tax of -$15.13m. Increasing by 381.36% or -11.99m YTD YoY.
    Signficantly higher taxation this period
  • Net Income (Profit) totaled $92.42m. Down by -15.22% or -16.59m YTD YoY.
    Return on equity was 25%, compared to 35% in the prior year. Management says the Covid-19 situation will have a negative impact on their third quarter results 

Revenue (YTD)

Net Income (Profit) (YTD)

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