Pulse Investments (PULS) Mar 2020 (Q3) – Impressive Growth In Revenues, Property Business

Pulse Investments (PULS) recently reported their March 2020 (Q3) results. Here are the highlights.

This is just a summary, but for more charts, ratios and other details visit PULS’s page here

Year To Date (2020Q3)

  • Revenue of $475.07m. Increasing by 37.57% or 129.75m YTD YoY.
    Management has not said why (or broken out the results by segments), but its revenues have consistently been up YoY, with the last 2 quarters jumping over 50% each. On a separate point, if the growth in investment property continues ($436m YTD), it will soon trump revenues from its core business
  • Administration & General Expenses of -$175.44m. Increasing by 22.21% or -31.88m YTD YoY.
    Expenses are growing at a slower pace than revenue
  • Operating Profit was $299.63m. Increasing by 48.51% or 97.87m YTD YoY.
    This does not include the gains from the Investment Property business. Meaning, core business is up 49% YoY
  • Finance Costs totaled -$7.72m. Up by 64.23% or -3.02m YTD YoY.
  • Net Income (Profit) was $728.17m. Increasing by 121.32% or 399.16m YTD YoY.
    A gain on investment property is the main contributor to the significant profit growth (jumping 231% or $304m)
  • Comprehensive Income was $769.45m. Increasing by 125.20% or 427.77m YTD YoY.

Revenue (YTD)

Net Income (Profit) (YTD)

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